Is it illegal to impersonate an illegal so I can get free college, free medical free section 8 with child? related questions

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Is it illegal to impersonate an illegal so I can get free college, free medical free section 8 with child?0jasha2012-10-24 03:01:26
Is it illegal to impersonate an illegal immigrant so he can get free college , free free medical section 8 houses with the child ? free lawyers , free cars , free , free TV for driving without a license or insurance , free not pay traffic fines , use any false name , case closed , it is illegal to impersonate an illegal immigrant ?
Why do illegal alien supporters claim illegals don't receive free medical care?0Finch2012-10-22 06:22:56
Why does Obama want free Obamacare for illegal aliens?0Hujinson2012-10-04 21:37:07
I know he says it is not for illegal aliens , but I beg to differ check out this video on youtube . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
Will us American citizens ever be as free as an illegal alien one day?1Gedeon2012-10-17 03:44:47
When it comes to illegal aliens can love them or hate them. But if we were to remove the criminal element that comes from it. Like say no rapists, murderers or bands between them. You would have to admit that illegals are the only free people that I know of in the United States. I have a dream that one day Americans will be as free as an illegal alien. This is what illegal aliens currently enjoying right now. 1) have no need for identification and can make your own out of nothing, if necessary without having to get into trouble with the government. 2) You can drive without an insurance license or hell you can even cut the seat belt and pull out the window. In many states, you can even drive with an open bottle of Bacardi or Jack Daniels and the police just look the other way. 3) They do not need a license to become a plumber, a painter, electrician, etc. 4) Do not pay taxes and they do. Do it out of his own free will. They really do not have to. 5) They get free medical care without compromise. (As a libertarian I do not agree with this, but you know is happening.) 6) You can start a black market business, with no rules, regulations or taxes. So you can spend most of your money to your business instead of government bureaucracy. 7) They do not need a passport or permanent resident card so one can cross borders anywhere you want without having problems with any government. 8) Never have an obligation to buy anything. However, you still get everything free. If social programs are going to illegal aliens. Never heard of a newborn collecting a government check. 9) You can go to any school in any state without having to pay in-state tuition. Most of them even qualify for scholarships So who needs government loans. 10) They do not have to pay their credit card accounts if you wish. I mean, should not even be here for what the credit card company is going after. So I have a dream that one day we will all be as free as an illegal alien.
Will illegal aliens be forced to buy health insurance or will they get it for free at our expense?5Darb2012-10-16 23:17:03
Illegal ailiens get off scot-free but US citizens are fined and imprisoned for not buying health insurance?2Shala2012-08-22 15:45:03
Is this fair you think?
Is it illegal to go to a free health clinic when you have health insurance?1leya2012-09-29 21:38:24
I have to go to the doctor and do not want my parents to be involved which would mean using health insurance , could I use free health clinic ?
Looking for free demat and trading account.... absolutly free of cost, any suggestion plzzzzzz?0not too bright2012-08-06 01:48:48
Looking for free Demat and trading account .... absolutely free of charge, any suggestion plzzzzzz ?
Would it make sense if the government offered everyone a free high deductible plan for free?1Edmonda2012-08-21 04:55:02
In other words, after paying the $ 5,000 deductible , the government would pay the rest of your bills. 5K, could support a family to declare bankruptcy And I do not think I would put the GVT in debt - not too much.
When I try to go to a free drivers lic. check it always sends me to a pay site is there any truely free sites.1iguana2012-04-16 14:45:41
When I try to go to a public without drivers. I always check sent to a pay site is truly free sites .
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Can I get free therapy sessions at a free clinic even if I have health insurance?0fko2012-09-28 01:39:02
I can not afford to go see a therapist and pay out of pocket , but I need help with depression .

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