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How do I get my former insurance company to refund my money?0Brakenette2012-10-23 22:45:04
I had been using Allstate for my auto insurance since last summer and had no problems with them, no tickets or accidents but on May 19, 2010, I got a letter in the mail saying my auto insurance increased to $417 a month because they said my son had his drivers license. I called them on the phone and told them my son had taken drivers ed in Jan 2009 but never took the test to get his drivers license. He has not driven a car since he took drivers ed over 18 months ago. I told this to Allstate but everytime I called them on the phone, I would get someone in India who couldnt help me. I decided to switch insurance and went with State Farm. I went to an agent and explained to them that my son had his permit but wasn't driving and wasnt ready to practice or drive yet. They were very understanding and told me not to worry about it. A few days later, my children's grandmother passed away and my son went to go stay with my ex husband for the summer to help him ( he has a chronic illness). State Farm told me that Allstate should refund my money that I had already paid. My insurance was due on May 16 and I paid it on May 15,2010 and I cancelled with them 5 days after I paid them. Allstate is refusing to give back the money I paid for my insurance and I cancelled with them 5 days after I paid them. State Farm has told me they are suppose to refund my money and this has been going on over a month. What do I do next? I am tired of calling and getting someone over seas who has no clue what I am talking about. Sorry about the vent but this is frustrating.
My refund check was stolen and cashed and the company will not reissue. How do I find out who stole my money?0Hope2012-05-18 07:24:20
My insurance company before, I had a refund check from February. After more than 30 days I called to follow up. They stated that the check was issued on April 24 . I said in May that it had received a check for what they agreed to put a stop payment on it and reissue the check. I called to follow in June and again in July and kept telling me giving them more time to process the request for stop payment and reissue the check. Finally , it is now August and I have been following every 30 days. Today I was told that the original check was cashed and new baggage was not reissued . I will not say where it was collected or by what date, but I'm sure it was not me . I think they should re-issue a check as it clearly told they had not received the check. The customer service supervisor only argue with me that since I verify my address, they were not responsible . How can we fight this? Bill UHC directly has been rude and uncooperative .
What happens if the insurance company issues a check to you the owner of the vehicle rather than to the body shop or the lienholder and you spend the money thinking it was a refund of the diminished value1 ╱ Ding-class daughter -2011-12-19 07:57:41
What if the problems of the insurance company a check for the owner of the vehicle instead of a body shop or creditor and you spend the money thinking it was the return of the decline in value
Optometrist won't refund my money even though they've messed up my prescription twice?0Gustav2012-07-22 16:26:02
The optometrist I went to my recipe into disrepair in the first place. I went back and had returned to check for free , I ordered new glasses . We went to pick them up and they are still wrong! I tried to tell the office staff , but I will listen . He became very rude, said give me a week and then return. Well, I could not see anything for what he called the same day asking what I have to do to fix it, or if I can get a refund. They said they may not return the money, but can be plastic lenses in the glasses that probably solve my problem , according to them. I have bad astigmatism and polycarbonate lenses (which are cut thinner) to fit in my paintings. If I get plastic , which can not be cut and will be huge thick ugly glasses ! ! They were very rude to me again, told me not to give my money back. Moreover, they "accidentally" disconnected me during a phone call :/ Is this normal for eye care places , they refuse to refund your money ? I am a graduate student with no insurance . I paid about $ 300 for all this, and I have to end up finding a new eye doctor to go right now to have a prescription .
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How much money do insurance people refund on closing the policy. {india}?0sklfjs2012-08-04 23:45:03
i have two insurance policies i have been paying premium of 2400 for past 38 months for each of the policies i would like to close it so how much refund will i get on closing it , the company is max new york life insurance .
YooSlim:Provide 100% satisfaction guarantee and money refund chance if not satisfied0catherinejohnson2019-05-21 22:30:05
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If I purchased tickets from, then can you get a refund? And how can you get the refund?0i love you2012-05-29 15:27:50
Therefore, if you can get a refund , then how do you do ?
Refund from my insurance company?0Keisha (for drwls)2012-09-20 22:46:02
I paid in the amount of $ 700 for my 6 -month car insurance. But only used 5 months and then cancel my car insurance , I will receive a refund for the unused portion of the month 1 of the insurer ? MedlinePlus I have Allstate .
Can a car insurance company take your tax refund?2tomcat2012-11-02 20:12:02
I was involved in an accident , and has proven to be my fault. However, they are receiving wages from my paycheck to pay claim.But , I wonder if she can have my tax refund?
Am I due a refund from my health insurance company if...?2Manila2012-06-05 06:45:37
My insurance coverage fell from my husband after he said he could not prove they were legally married. They asked that I send my tax documents filed for 2006 showing that present themselves as married. This is impossible, since only file your taxes every 3 years. I offered to send a marriage certificate , a license, and refused . The reason for requesting the test is because my social security card still has my maiden name on it and until you have to change, my salary with my employer is under my maiden name. But that's another story entirely differenct ! They said they can only accept the fiscal documention requested. So, now that I have fallen and have been paying for their coverage of a little over a year. Is this crazy? ! I think I should get my money back considering that we can prove that he is married but does not accept the form of the test! ! ! If I am not due a refund, then I take them to court ?
Does my auto insurance company have to give me a refund?2Diana2012-04-27 03:41:21
Which totaled car back in October last year. I was looking at my bank statement today and discovered that my insurance company has been charging me $ 300 for insurance each month, even though my car was months ago. I wonder if I have room to ask for a refund (over $ 1000) ? I mean why on earth would keep charging me insurance for a car that took over after it achieved?

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