Primerica, Smart Loans and Life Insurance?

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Hello : MedlinePlus I have a couple of questions here . Therefore, we have been seeing a financial advisor for about 6 years. We are connected with and RESP , life insurance and helped with the overall planning . Then last fall a good friend of the family is involved with Primerica . She came out and did an assessment and gave some suggestions . We said things like our man power we had created two separate policies for life insurance , so they charged two separate fees for such insurance . In addition , our insurance will in 10 years and the monthly payment will increase substantially when renewing . MedlinePlus Primerica would not do this . Then he shows us about your " Smart Loan " , a consolidation loan that will allow us to pay 50 % to 50 % of interest and principal on the first day , not gradually work up to more and more like our current director of the mortgage . This sounds good , but ... Does anyone know any more information about it ? MedlinePlus Back to insurance , how do you go about finding out how much insurance you need ?

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