Accounting question, please help!?

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The following expenses related assets were made by James Co. during the first two months of 2003:
MedlinePlus 1. We paid $ 250 to have the company name and advertising slogan painted on a new delivery truck . MedlinePlus 2. We paid a $ 75 motor vehicle license fee for the new truck . MedlinePlus 3. Pay $ 17,500 for paving of parking lots and driveways on new plant site . MedlinePlus 4. We paid $ 5,000 of property taxes accrued at the time of acquisition of the plant . MedlinePlus 5. We paid $ 8000 for the installation of new factory machinery . MedlinePlus 6. We paid $ 900 for one year of the accident insurance policy on new delivery truck . MedlinePlus 7. Paid $ 200 insurance to cover possible accident to the new factory machinery while the machinery was in transit . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus List the numbers of the foregoing transactions, and opposite each number indicates the title of the account from which the expenditure is charged . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thank you so much! and 10 points for best answer!

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