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Iphone home button not working from water damage!?!?0edeline2012-10-22 17:57:30
I was watering the plants , the other day and was so surprised by the neighbors dog that part of the pore water for me , in my pocket where my clothes and got into where my phone : | Google Groups MedlinePlus So, long story . My phone in general " seems " well .. but the start button , the most important button on the phone no longer works. I have made an insurance claim , but I do not want to pay
Home button on iphone 4 not working?0Kinnari2012-07-23 09:17:03
yesterday the home button on my iphone 4 stopped working, i took it to the orange shop & they have said i can get it replaced as i have their insurance but i don't really want to change my phone if i don't have to, has anybody else had this problem & resolved it? i was wondering about resetting the phone? the trouble is if i change the phone or reset it i need to keep some of the text messages on there as evidence in my divorce hearing is there anyway i can do this? can anybody help?
Home button not working properly on iPhone 4?0sowmya2012-07-27 18:21:00
Recently the start button on my iPhone did not respond when you click first, always I have to click on it more than once , which is quite annoying. And it's not my fault, I have not been dropped or is near water , so my question is that the apple fix it if they took me to his shop ? It is in the first year warranty + additional insurance that I have opted for . Thank you.
Iphone 4 home button problem?0Lynda2012-08-01 20:43:02
i usually have my phone locked, and when i double tap the home button the 'play' 'skip' and 'replay' buttons pop up. but when i try to hit play, nothing happens. Or if a song is playing, and i double tap the home button, it will say that nothing is playing. and it wont allow me to skip a song or replay a song without unlocking my phone and going into the music app. Also if my phone is unlocked, and i double tap the home button, the app selection scroll menu comes up, and those 'play' 'skip' and 'replay' buttons do not work either. Am i having a settings issue here? or is there something wrong with my phone? I do have insurance and a warrante. (The phone is brand new, hasn't been used for more then a month, and the buttons used to work)
Iphone water damage. Caught in the rain.?012-year-old-poet2012-09-10 20:17:06
So I have a iphone 4s MedlinePlus and went for a walk with the weather was nice , then it started to rain and hail very bad , and my iphone just had a bumper but I was out in leggings and a T-shirt only , so I could not put it anywhere to keep it dry . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Once I finally got to a dry, I realized I was constantly on the flashlight and the steam was behind glass , so you have water inside . MedlinePlus I do not know if my insurance will cover it or not ( safe with Barclays ) MedlinePlus Basically , I do not know what to do now ? ive turned it off and left him face down between the two books . MedlinePlus any help ?
I have an iPhone 4 and my button is going out!?0Sherri2012-07-31 02:43:56
I have an iPhone 4 I don't have insurance on it but the button that brings you back to the home screen is not working correctly. Is there a way I can get this button replaced?
IPhone 4 lock button jammed need help.?0Sara Pleaseee2012-07-08 04:15:01
I have my phone last September I've never fallen, has always taken care of it, but I noticed the usual lock button press down so I can not close it or disable it. I have insurance for your right to give me a new one? And I think my start button is not working because sometimes does not respond to the thrust of an application.
How much do you think my home insurance will go up after this water damage?0DeeDee2012-07-23 20:35:03
I am ready to spend $10K under policy limits (not out of pocket) through my insurance for water damage and mold (water was dripping under my sink). I'm wondering how much my insurance will go up monthly? I will now have one point on my records, whatever that means. I had two MVA's in two years and my insurance went up from $150/month to about $330/month. Right now my home insurance is $100. I'm guessing it will go up to about $500? Thanks.
What can we do about water damage in a mobile home?0stacii2012-08-01 06:08:02
we have a 2005 16x76 mobile home . last week the water had leaked into the house causing damage to almost every wall. call our insurance agency and only patch inside job, but custom touch the outside . said we have to have the manufacture of the trailer comes out and fix it. The warranty on the trailer is out so it will not come out . Is there anything we can do to fix it because it is a defect in the trailer? We had 3 different people come out and look over the trailer and no one can discover the leak exactly like running in the can. the trailer has a tin roof that makes allot of noise when the winds pick up , but the insurance adjuster said he is supposed to make noise. can anyone help me with this problem and what can we do to get it fixed .
Home owners insurance water damage?0Anna - Marie2012-08-26 12:49:02
I have a policy DP3 300 and this rain that recently hit calif has lead to a loss in the back room . the fourth is half of a slope (built on the hill ) water damage is all on the wall and into the carpet . the adjuster said I 'm not covered! ! Is that true ? Are you trying to get out of it ? What I can do to make sure my claim full? I call an atty ? Who? what a scam !
Restoration company for home repairs, water damage?1TL2012-07-21 15:23:03
I asked the earlier question about water damage in the basement. I have wood paneling. I see that the paneling has to be removed , I have been advised to contact a restoration company . What food companies do exactly ? Do you clean the wood and make sure there is no mold or removed the wood panels . My insurance company will not cover this. And it's so expensive? Should I have my handy man come in removing the wood from the walls and simply dump . I really hate to lose my wood siding.
Does home owners insurance cover water damage?1ASAP!!!!2012-10-18 13:45:03
My valve broke toilet water and filtered through the ground . I had a friend come to see the damage and said the plant needs to be replaced Since going to fall through. The water soaked the soil and damages the apartment downstairs ceilings. Its roof is falling and need to be replaced too. Home insurance will cover the owners of this?

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