When it comes to medical care, who provides information on lower cost vs higher cost treatments? related questions

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When it comes to medical care, who provides information on lower cost vs higher cost treatments?0raven braswell2012-10-21 22:15:03
I'm curious with all the recent debate over the Affordable care act who determines what procedures should be done for a patient taking the costs into mind? I'll give you an example, when I had dental insurance I could use for a year approx. $1700 USD for my dental needs, I sat with my dentists, went over the individual costs and decided accordingly what procedures I wanted, what I wanted but couldn't afford given my insurance coverage, and what procedures were too costly to consider all together. Does the medical industry provide this information at all? I've not luckily needed to have this type of issue come up to date with my medical needs. It seems if you are put into an emergency situation the doctors make all the decisions and assumed its the best method to treat the need regardless of cost. Is this the way things happen with emergency care and non-emergency medical care? When it applies to those with medicare - do patients get consulted on costs before procedures are implemented? Anyone with experience please advise.
Won't Obama care lower the cost of insurance when it passes? If you said everyone has to buy soda then Pepsi?2Mariae2012-08-20 20:06:26
could charge a lot, but then coke could come in and charge less than Pepsi and even less would be charged before, because we have sales much more .
What kind of benefits are there in the military...is it things like lower cost of auto insurance,medical ect.?0Fatih2012-07-24 00:16:03
Do doctors pay higher or lower medical insurance premiums?2elephant2012-05-22 00:43:52
Do doctors pay higher or lower health insurance premiums ?
Do you think all insurance companies and states should provide medical care for infertily testing/treatments?1teal2012-09-03 16:45:03
In Kansas there is nothing saying that Kansas is required to pay for infertility testing and treatments.
Why did Obama's health care reform bill result in higher health insurance cost for me?0Matteo2012-10-18 20:45:01
I have to pay for my own insurance ...
Will throwing the health insurance companies under the bus magically lower the cost of health care?2Virgie2012-08-21 14:15:03
Have you ever paid for your medical bills using your own money? If you have then you would know the insurance companies are not the ones charging outrageous prices. Its the health care providers that are charging so much. Funny how the Obama administration only wants to focus on a small part of the problem eliminating any chances of actually fixing the real problems.
Why doesn't Obamacare do anything to lower the cost of health insurance or health care?3Hae Soo Park si so hot! 2012-08-05 14:55:03
Why Obamacare not do anything to reduce the cost of health insurance or medical care?
Cost of Fertility Treatments? Would my Insurance Cover it?0teal2012-05-20 04:04:45
My boyfriend and I have been trying to conceive for 11 months. I have very irregular periods and am doing hormone tests done in 2 weeks and will also be tested to see if I am producing eggs ( SOP possible ). If it comes down to it , my boyfriend and I have discussed fertility treatments . I have read much about Clomid I think its called ? How much is that? Will insurance cover it, or I'll have to pay out of pocket ? What if I decided to take pictures ? How much is that? That insurance covers it, or I'll have to pay out of pocket . I know you probably have to call my insurance company and find out , but thought I would see if anyone else has what I have and need this or know a little about coverage. I have total care. We want nothing more than having a child. We both have good jobs , a large 4 bedroom ranch house , cars, and feel the next step is to bring life to the world . Im tired of the endless negative pregnancy tests ! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you !
Will i have to worry about my healthcare insurance covering the cost of cancer treatments?0Tina2012-05-25 12:27:06
This is a group insurance purchased through my employer.
How to get donations for a 66 year old woman with no insurance and her treatments cost $10,000 a month?3 Xx bread!- the wrong car2012-09-11 10:27:03
How to get donations for a woman age 66 uninsured and their treatments cost $ 10,000 per month?
"Has anyone figured out the total the cost to taxpayers for the Medical Care Congress is rushing to pass?0Teah2012-09-06 21:45:03
On July 31, 2009 at noon PST had approximately 307,049,958 Americans . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Citizens for Tax Justice , a taxpayer watchdog group , says there are 117 million taxpayers in the United States

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