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Phone internet plz help?0Catie2012-10-20 14:18:55
Im having the Samsung Galaxy Note and am in the Panther plan my monthly cost was
Why does cell phone internet cost so much?0Chalese2012-08-05 10:45:03
For T-Mobile, I want a g1. My bill as it is is about 106 dollars. We have the $60 700 minute family plan with 2 lines, unlimited texting for both lines, insurance and after taxes, it ends up being over 100 dollars. I want the g1, and I also want the internet connectivity but it costs 25 bucks more a month! Why is it so expensive? For not much more than 25 bucks I could get internet service for my home! And why don't they have a family internet bundle? Me and my mom both want internet but can't afford 50 more dollars a month! This is rediculous
Is it safe to purchase health insurance on the phone or internet?0HARNOOR SINGH2012-07-21 08:01:02
I recently became self-employed. Currently without health insurance , however I have pre-existing health problems . There are many offers that sound too good to be true, my concern is that they want the money by phone or Internet. His offer was $ 129 --- $ 179 mtly including doctor visits with no deductible , but a copay for the doctors visit and medication drugs. Could it be trusted? Who do I call to see how reliable ?
How much per month is normal insurance, electric, water, phone, internet cable for two people?0Xenia2012-05-09 01:18:10
The world will be out very soon, and my future wife does not have a job right now ... What does all this crap little is added to every month for two people. This does not include gas , floor , food ... just what you wrote .....
What volume of the US Auto insurance market is sold "direct"? e.g. internet, phone, mail(not via local agents)0Thoughts to pain as injury2012-07-24 02:56:02
The auto insurance market that historically has sold policies through local agents : either " independent " (ie , agents who sell several brands ) or "captive " agents (eg , selling one brand ) . There have been a lot of media attention on growth in the volume of policies sold over the Internet ( without the participation of agents) or by telephone to a call center . Insurance providers are GEICO and Progressive leaders in this method. I am looking for real data on what is sold in a recent year (2005, 2006 or 2007) that use these direct methods for the auto insurance industry as a whole. - $ Volume of policies sold - The volume of policies sold -% Of policies sold
What is the least expensive/best..1) phone service 2) car insurance 3) broadband internet service?0phu2012-09-18 11:37:03
what is the least expensive / best ... MedlinePlus 1) phone services ? I keep hearing ads for Vonage saying it's only $ 24.99 per month for unlimited domestic calls , but is that really the best / cheapest ? Anyone know of any that are cheaper ? MedlinePlus 2) car insurance ? I keep hearing that GEICO is the better / cheaper overall . Anyone know if this is true ? MedlinePlus 3) broadband Internet ? I keep hearing ads for NetZero , which is only $ 9.99 a month . But is that for broadband , or just dial up? Is it cheaper ? MedlinePlus Also, one more question MedlinePlus 4) if my father has an outstanding balance on your credit report with Verizon , will he still be able to get phone service with another company ? MedlinePlus I need to know this because my father and I would be entering a mobile home , and if we do I would have less expensive services so you can save money . Also , I have 21 years and still can not drive , but I like to have the cheapest insurance in case you learn to drive .
Does Mobile Phone insurance cover the Phone number or the phone itself?0Selena G2012-07-13 09:27:02
I broke the slope of the attention a while back , and not buy insurance from it. So my mom came up with the idea of ​​changing our phones and see if we can not get them to replace mine .
My iphone 3gs got stolen & the phone is from AT&T. I have insurance on the phone, can i get a new free phone?0Vows, [Me` Yan -2012-11-01 01:45:02
Phone was stolen, Insurance rejected because phone was too far away, police say it is lost. Reclaim?0Dallas2012-09-18 16:15:04
Hello , my phone was stolen from his job and my insurance company denies my claim because my phone was in the bag that was 2 feet away from me . Police then called me and say they have classified it as lost and gave me a number lost because they can not prove it was stolen. ? I can claim ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This was rejected because my phone was not in sight of the eye
Is there any insurance that covers my phone being stolen and then someone making phone calls from it?0salamander, triton, newt2012-06-03 19:05:12
I know who can not afford insurance, but now there is certainty that they would be covered .
After getting a new phone (same phone I had) through insurance the old android market is on it not google play?0Shonda2012-07-13 03:39:02
How do I get google play on my new replacement phone. It is a Samsung galaxy s if that helps any.
Can you use a verizon wireless insurance replacement phone for a different phone number?0hubba2012-07-11 01:06:11
I have verizon wireless phone insurance (asurioun) and I filed a claim. Can I use this phone under a different number then the number i filed the claim under?

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