Birth control help please?

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So I've been interested in learning more about birth control . I have 15 years of age. Soon to be 16. My main interest in the pill is not for sex . I've never had sex yet. but I just want to be on the pill in case. im not thinking of doing something like sex anytime soon , I just want to have it just in case and to help hormonal problems . I know that to get the pill you have to get it prescribed . I just want to know the steps to get the pill . Basically the process. go to the gynecologist or your family doctor ? basic questions like these . Also I do not feel very comfortable talking to my parents about it or making me so when I go to the doctor what type of personal information that are requested without my parents knowing. I also heard calling social security number , is there any way to find out without asking their parents ? What do doctors do to see what works best pill for you . I live in Ohio , and I have health insurance , but the pill buying presents , also what is the range of cost with and without insurance. ? MedlinePlus All responses are welcome ! thank you very much

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