I own a mobile home but I only want to insure the contents,do I need to purchase home or renters insurance? related questions

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I own a mobile home but I only want to insure the contents,do I need to purchase home or renters insurance?1Madeleine2012-10-22 04:57:02
I own a mobile home , but just want to ensure the content , why should I buy a home or renters insurance ?
How can you get liability insurance on your mobile home to cover renters of it It is in a mobile home park in Florida0naan thrower 2011-12-25 17:37:58
How can I get a civil liability insurance to cover your mobile home tenants of the same , is in a mobile home park in Florida
If you rent a mobile home that is located in a mobile home park, are you required to buy mobile home insurance?1Shikher Kapoor2012-08-31 03:37:03
Anyone have any experience with this?
Mobile Home Renters Insurance?0hawk2012-09-06 13:15:03
I wonder decent prices for insurance in the area of North Carolina . What is a good level of insurance for a family of 4 people in a double-wide mobile home ? We do not live lavishly , but have some additional electronics to consider. Will I have to provide detailed information about everything that secure ? I also had a problem . From what I'm reading on other issues , they do a credit check . I worry that for many different companies to give me my credit comparable rates hit several times . Is that something I should worry about ? Obviously , I 'm new to this so any help would be appreciated to get me started . I want to be smart about what you do and who to go to . Thank you !
Can I get renters insurance for a mobile home w.out a foundation?0Norah2012-09-16 20:37:02
I have a mobile home w . I rent no foundation . Should I get renters insurance to cover me ? What is the best way to do this ?
Will my home contents insurance cover my mobile phone?0EMERGENCY!!!2012-08-01 04:58:02
My phone has been missing for a few days at home, I think my child may have put in the trash ...
Does home and contents insurance cover a lost/stolen mobile phone?0merrissa2012-09-06 07:39:03
He fell out of my pocket in a taxi and boyfriends have tried to call today , but is off . He wondered if insurance would pay for that?
Do you think a mobile home park is a good investment? The land only...the renters own their own homes.?0Eclipse rockfish Ping â„¡ â„¡ 2012-09-06 05:32:04
There's one for sale at $ 189,500 . They have 10 spaces rented for $ 125.00 per month each .. for $ 1,250 per month coming in. I have $ 100,000 in a CD that matures in May - which is 3 % and now if I put in a CD again made ​​me less interested , so I'm trying to do something else. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If I could get for $ 150,000 then I will finance $ 50,000. What responsibilities would be involved ? I'm sure you would have to have insurance in the park in case someone got hurt , but other than that is there responsibility? Since everyone owns their own home would not like to do the maintenance . Would that they would call if someone has strong? Or sold drugs ? If evict someone for nonpayment , it seems that it would be very difficult to do , since it would have to move from your home all ... Anyone have experience with this? If I could do it again , right? Or does anyone have any comments?
How to file on taxes, mobile home loss due to fire with no insurance. Mobile home affixted as real property.?0dmm2012-09-23 02:15:04
Have fire loss and report from the fire department, am filing as single. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
I live in a mobile home park, I own my mobile home, but rent the lot, who is responsible for the tree clean up0Koia2012-08-01 07:49:06
The landlord is not doing anything as of yet, says he has to wait on his insurance company. Kinda hinting around he wants the tenants to pay for it. Who right?
I,m in Florida and just purchased a mobile home in Clearwater.Where can I purchase insurance?0Don2012-08-06 01:41:48
I, m in Florida and just bought a mobile home in Clearwater.Where I can buy insurance ?
Mobile home insurance, does anyone know of a company that I can purchase a policy right online?3ladyshrew 2012-06-29 07:15:02
Mobile home insurance , does anyone know of a company that can buy a policy online right ?

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