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Random proof of insurance letter, how to prove car was inoperable?0eyvonne2012-10-13 09:15:03
My clutch on my old car went out sometime earlier this month so I parked the car in my garage and didn't drive it as I was gonna buy another car anyways. I had my friend who is an ASE Certified mechanic come over and check the car and verified that the clutch went out and he said he would fix it sometime. So I bought another car on July 2nd and added it to my policy and took my old car off the policy mid July as it has been sitting in my garage. Fast forward 3 weeks later I get a random proof of insurance letter for my old car for July 25th. I can get exempt if I prove that the car was inoperable at least 30 days prior to July 25th. Does that mean that my car had to be inoperable sometime BEFORE June 25?? Do I have to have it proved inoperable at an auto shop or would a letter from my ASE Certified mechanic suffice? He did come out to my house to verify the clutch went out and I told him it didn't matter when the car had to be fixed as I already purchased another car. What do I do?
How do i prove to the BMV that my car was inoperable?10.�*�.�i�LoVe�Sk8Er�GuYz�.�*�. 2018-07-24 20:31:15
Yesterday I received a " random selection " of the BMV notification indicates that I have to show proof of insurance for my vehicle. However, my car is working for a family friend since late December , knowing I would not get back for over a month and the money is so strong that I chose to not pay my insurance, while it is working ( as it would not be running). The BMV 's website says that you may be required to demonstrate safe (for date of February 11 in my case) if you have evidence that his car was inoperable, but I have no idea how to try this! Perhaps a work order for my friend? Or take him as a witness ? I even tried to contact my insurance company to see if I could pay for the entire month of February retroactive , but would not let me . I am very nervous because the first offense penalty is to lose my license for 90 days! I think it's unfair because all the laws I've seen has said that you will have problems if you drive a vehicle without insurance and I do not work at all without coverage! I have insurance now, but my only options are to show that was secured on 11 February or prove that my vehicle was inoperable. Any ideas ?
Help! got a ticket,didnt have my nu proof of ins. with me but do have it.they want signed letter from ins. co.2alisha s.2012-10-16 13:35:02
I went to the office for employees to show proof and does not except my insurance card, cover , or anything faxes all.they wanted to mail a letter from my ins. agent. I was told this is because these documents are easy to manipulate. I think the secretary , location, government policy has hinted that he would falsify leagal so slander me . do not you?
Can a collection letter be proof of ownership for a car that is paid off?0Katherine2012-10-14 05:18:03
I know I still do not legally own the vehicle . I paid the balance of the car , but the late fees are in collections now . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My father put two motorcycles by my insurance but I received a letter from my insurance was canceled due to your driving record . Now he is taking the motorcycle out of my account and now I have to give " proof of ownership " to the insurance company to prove that my car is in my name only . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The paperwork I have is this collection notice from a collection company out. Will this be enough , or would cause more problems with the insurance company ? Thank you very much for any advice helpful knowledgeable .
How do I get a Proof Of Insurance Letter from Gieco on 'Company Letterhead'?1Clemen2012-06-24 20:58:00
Therefore, my registration expired a few months ago . mid-December I updated the online registration , so I had to wait for the labels that come in the mail . So I'm driving my little brother home from school, and I stopped by an officer of the City of PD. asks lisence insurance and registration. I was informed that he would get a ticket for my tags expired, and pointed to my temporary proof of registration ( in PDF format the DMV Web site be printed until your stickers arrive via email snial ) , and so he asked for my insurance card again ( I had been looking everywhere for all this time , but could not find it) asked me for a second just to call my mother and find out where the card was not had no idea, and my father was at work, meantime, I 'm going crazy, because I just got pulled over, I have scared senseless , and so when the officer returns , he has a good steam ticket printed for me, because I could not find my proof of insurance updated. It was in the User Manual. WTF. So I was assured, but on the ticket that says I have to give the local Municipal Court an original letter from my insurance company in the ' Charter Company ' saying that I was insured as of December __ , 2011 . Oh, and as an additional measure to be difficult, the bill also says ' We do not accept fax , PERIOD " . OS. Does anyone have any idea how I go about doing this? PLEASE HELP !
Will someone proof read and give me direction on this financial aid reinstatement letter?0Yukito2012-07-20 15:28:02
Estimate your real name will My name is Cedric B. Montgomery and I am writing to ask you to appeal my suspension of federal aid. The fall semester and spring was a very stressful and overwhelming time in my life because I was not only return to school after being out of it for six years, but my brother was taking care of schizophrenic, and working full time plus overtime work to support my brother and me. It was very difficult for me to concentrate and do well in my classes when I had to put my brother and my work in front of my education. During the fall semester of 2011 my brother stopped taking his medication and became ill. Is the type of insurance you have. My brother would have to be a threat to himself or others before he could be admitted to the hospital. It was to me to observe and report everything he did. After a month of seeing my brother was sick enough to be arrested and detained in a mental hospital. At the time I was too far away to catch up, so I left my class. Approximately six weeks in the spring semester of 2012 my brother was released back in my custody. He was being sued and it would be illegal for him not taking medication, including hospital visits, court dates, and run with the law by not taking his medication, he soon fell back, and as a result I dropped my classes again Unfortunately, I neglected my studies and I would cherish another opportunity to do better in them. I have compiled a list of steps to take to succeed in school: 1. I quit my full time job to give my full attention to school. 2. I sent my brother to live with my mother until I complete my studies. 3. I'll talk to every one of my personal trainers know how I can do well in their classes. 4. I will manage my time wisely to balance my work and studies together. 5. I will attend all of my religion classes to take advantage of what they have to offer. 6. I'm changing my major so my goal will be more structured. My goal is to earn a degree in computer science so you can make a living and improve the quality of life of my brother and me. But I can only do it if I can apply for financial aid. I am a hardworker and a devoted brother and son, and I like the opportunity to prove to you that next semester will not be disappointed. I will try my best to be good role model to my family and other students. Please consider this letter and give me another chance to prove my dedication. Thanks for your time, Cedric B.
I have health insurance, but no tangible proof of it. How can I prove to a doctor i have insurance?1Belinda2012-08-28 15:48:03
I have no health insurance, but no tangible evidence of this. How I can show to a doctor who has insurance ?
Why do we now have to prove we have insurance to live in the US, but we don't have to prove identity to vote?1Hi2017-11-19 23:49:18
Why now we have to prove that you have insurance to live in the U.S. , but does not have to prove their identity to vote?
Do I have to inform the DMV about a car that is now inoperable?1Wilpan2012-04-02 12:33:57
My vehicle has recently been declared a total loss in California and never work again. What should I do in terms of registration for the car? Should I send the renewal notice with a payment of PNO or do nothing ?
DMV forms Inoperable Vehicle questions?0Irene2012-06-15 15:33:13
one of my trucks broke down before he lost his license for 2 years pass. I did not know about the lodging of this until I read it on craigslist . What happens if I file late? since I lost my license I have to do i even have to submit now?
Uninsured/inoperable car bylaw (Vancouver BC)?0infamous rj 2012-06-16 07:47:44
Anyone know what is the ruling in Vancouver? A man in the corner has 3 cars unlocked in your backyard (very rare in the city). At least one does not work at all , I'm not sure that the other two. He works on them sporadically. Two of them are ... I'm not sure that the third party belongs to ... which has just appeared and although it is to one side , is in the lane. I can not find the information online, but the city will ask about it after the long weekend .
Do I need insurance for an inoperable vehicle if I do not hold the title?0jamey2012-07-03 16:23:01
I have a vehicle for which the title held by the bank. Recently became inoperative, and we are working on getting it repaired. Meanwhile, I have to pay for insurance on the vehicle ?

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