Please help with this accounting work please :)?

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On September 1, 2004 , Mopele started a plumbing business called CM Plumbers . MedlinePlus 1. Mopele took a bank loan of R90000 to help pay for their facilities and get your business started . MedlinePlus 2. He bought a building Duncan Properties for R55000 . Payment by check . MedlinePlus 3. Purchased service materials because of Paula R1009 stores MedlinePlus 4. Purchased equipment from Laing Stores for R4500 . Payment by check . MedlinePlus 5. Done R4500 income . MedlinePlus 6. MedlinePlus purchased stationery worth R392 at Bester merchants account . 7. Paid the municipality R392 for water and electricity . MedlinePlus 8. Bought more service materials from Paula Stores - R844 . MedlinePlus R400 paid in cash and the rest on account. 9. MedlinePlus repaid the R800 of the accounts payable . 10. Made even more revenue R7100 MedlinePlus 11. Paid all payables MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 12 paid R106 for Telkom phone bill . 13. MedlinePlus insurance premium payments to insurers R477 AE . 14. Bought for motor vehicle R28000 Mdantsane . MedlinePlus 15. End of the month income came in - . MedlinePlus R7900 16. MedlinePlus reimbursed 10% of the loan agreement with the bank . 17. Salary of an employee of MedlinePlus R4000 18. R5000 was withdrawn for personal use . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks you soooooooo much for helping! : D God bless : D
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