Can you be arrested for not giving your full name on a driving license application?

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Asked at 2012-02-01 01:51:48
I live in the UK and am applying for a provisional driver's license . However, I do not want my middle name to appear on my license , but of course they are in my passport that I have to prove to the DVLA. My dad told me that if I hand in the application without showing my name that can be arrested and jailed for 4 years , is this true?
Answer1GeorgAnswered at 2012-02-04 06:35:51
If you do not put your name on the application, no arrest, no idea where your dad got this!

Anyway, if you leave it out, DVLA will check your passport and automatically puts your name , I have seen do.

It is said in the application form :
First Names
Answer2AngelaAnswered at 2012-03-14 05:34:19
yes it's true , my husband hates his middle name of the law, but im afraid
Answer3 ㄨ. · Full moon ≒ -Answered at 2012-03-19 05:00:39
I'm not from the UK , so can not give a complete answer, but we have to fill in our name, but only our first and last used, is your father's middle name included on your license?
Answer4FrankliAnswered at 2012-03-21 23:24:21
In the UK this is technically cheating, but they will order from your passport and either deny your application or include the names of means of existence anyway
Answer5BrentAnswered at 2012-04-20 14:37:50
No, can not be arrested for not giving his full name.
You must give your name , and this must be verified. the DVLA
Answer6jaysgyrlAnswered at 2012-07-20 07:57:04
Hell IV got my license fee that I know all you need is the name, so before you post a link to the . S siege throughout the Rull there
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Answer8business ideologyAnswered at 2018-09-04 23:05:47

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