I want to see a dermatologist for my acne scars/red marks, what is the general price range without insurance? related questions

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I want to see a dermatologist for my acne scars/red marks, what is the general price range without insurance?0oldpeoplerule2012-10-10 17:31:42
I want to go to a dermatologist to see what I can do with my acne , acne scars , red spots and dry skin . I called my insurance company to ask if it is covered said no. What is the overall cost ( approximate range ) of a dermatologist visit ? What kind of tests can be done and at what cost extra? I do not think it has anything bad enough to be sent for testing, mostly just want to clarify the scars , as it only has occasional grains . What can be prescribed for scars ? Thanks in advance .
Anyone tried home remedies for red acne scars?0Danielle (7th grade)2012-07-08 01:38:23
I have moderately severe to severe acne. I used to pop them all the time so I have horrible red scars. I've tried clean & clear, clearisil, neutrogena, and others. I don't have the money to go to a doctor or derm (also don't have insurance.) I've tried home remedies and PREFER them.. I've tried honey & cinnamon (worked for a while but skin got used to it and made acne worse), avocado & honey (doesn't make a difference), honey alone (works pretty well but only temporary), I saw that egg whites is really good for acne and scars. Has anyone tried it?? I need to get rid of these ugly red acne scars really soon too!! Someone please help me?? :(
Does anybody know a good dermatologist for severe acne in Dallas, Tx?0Remy W,2012-07-09 03:32:02
I live in Dallas, so somewhere close would be helpful and cheap- but effective. The reason it has to be affordable is because I don't have insurance whatsoever. Please help in whatever way you can, I've had it for 5 years now and its not going away. My back looks like a mosaic mural or something.
Im 13 and have bad acne. i have child healthcare plus insurance,would they pay for me to visit a dermatologist?0options2012-09-13 17:38:02
would also pay for the drug ? ... It's in my face and back.
Price range for what I would be paying for car insurance by myself?0Kaelyn2012-05-03 12:33:42
I'm about to turn 19 and I'm not a good relationship with my father , so I'm deciding to get into my own car insurance plan . I know it will be expensive, but I'm trying to make things easier for me, trying to get a Pontiac Grand Am between the years 2000-2005. I know that since its an older car , it will cost less. Furthermore, it should start operating in mid- May and work until late summer, so I want to pay only the car off instead of car payments , hopefully that helps lower the cost too. Anyway, if you know any ideas or prices or what would be the best insurance company, let me know.
Whats the price range is the insurance for a motorcycle ?1Farina2012-06-24 21:58:38
What is the price range is insurance for a motorcycle?
What is the price range for health insurance as a UPS supervisor?0Nice watch2012-07-09 05:57:06
I am looking to become a UPS supervisor and let me know if you are a smart move to me regarding my insurance. If anyone has info, please let me know. I am of the Axis Louisville, Thanks
I'm getting quotes online for car insurance-I'm getting a wide price range from different companies-why?0Darre2012-10-03 19:04:34
Do you see things differently ?
About how much is home insurance in Dallas for a 3bed/2bth house? What is the general range?0linida2012-07-23 04:45:02
I'm just trying to get a number of planning around the cost of my house in the future . I think the average cost of a house is 130 K.
Can anyone give me a price range to get 3 wisdom teeth removed. i have united concordia insurance.?3SMITHly2012-11-05 18:26:02
the two lower teeth of judgment are partially under the skin and have a very large root . the lower teeth are very close to the jawbone . upper wisdom tooth has a cavity and near gumline th but completely broke . I nitrous oxide and general anesthesia .
What is the price range for liability insurance for corporations seeking 2 million dollars in coverage1Oliver2012-06-05 12:33:00
What is the price range for liability insurance for companies seeking $ 2 million in coverage
Acne/pimples?! whats the difference, and will a doctor treat either, or just acne?1physical change2012-09-10 20:31:02
I have black heads, white heads, etc. Is that acne, or just pimples? It's obviously hormonal due to my age, but I don't want my doctor to look at me, laugh, and say he's seen worse. (my insurance requires my doctor to refer me to a dermatologist if needed, and he's not the kinda doctor that will just refer me..) so what'd ya say? What's he probably going to prescribe or do..? o.o really confused

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