I reported my phone stolen. Will Verizon notify me if someone tries to activate it? related questions

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I reported my phone stolen. Will Verizon notify me if someone tries to activate it?0gorilla2012-10-10 01:21:26
I had my iPhone 4s 64GB stolen in the city in the East Village . I reported it stolen and through Verizon Wireless, and when I got home , I used the Find My Phone application , where he was able to locate in Queens . Now I know that Verizon is hard for activating stolen phones but my question is: I warn you if someone attempts to activate the phone ? Does Verizon confiscate the phone to return it to its original owner ? I had the Best Buy insurance paying $ 15 a month but your policy does not cover lost / stolen phone ( BS I ) , so I'm hoping someone out there will have a good heart / :
My phone got stolen how do i have to reported to the ins. company.?0Too many wrong ヽ2011-12-21 18:04:51
My phone got stolen how do i have to reported to the ins. company.?1Ernes2012-01-15 20:19:11
My phone was stolen , how do I have to report you to INS. of the company. ?
Can you use a verizon wireless insurance replacement phone for a different phone number?0hubba2012-07-11 01:06:11
I have verizon wireless phone insurance (asurioun) and I filed a claim. Can I use this phone under a different number then the number i filed the claim under?
Will Verizon charge me more from switching from a 3g phone to a 4g phone?0Maite2012-07-04 23:41:07
I have a Droid 2 Global right now (3g phone) and the screen got cracked on it so I was looking to replace it. I found a Droid Razr on craigslist (4g phone) and I was wondering if Verizon will charge me more money for switching from a 3g phone, to a 4g phone? The reason I refuse to pay the insurance on my Droid 2 is because the insurance is asking for about 100$ to replace it. I need an answer ASAP. I just need to know if it'll change my plan at all.
My motorcycle was stolen and recovered.I reported it stolen. Will it still be registered as stolen?0vahnna2012-10-19 13:47:30
How to lose as stolen. I want to sell it, get a degree ihave rescued ? I did not have insurance . I have the title . Can you sell the bike without any problems?
Do I need to notify my insurance of a police-reported accident?7Ede2012-03-13 00:04:35
Hello ! A few days ago someone rear-ended me and led to a scratch in the paint on my rear bumper. Police said a police report would not be necessary because the damage was less than $ 1,000. He said there would be more than a civil case between me and the guy, and just get your information and insurance. So I went to ask the person for insurance , and he said he did not have it with him. So the police asked for it, and it does not have insurance at all. My question is: What will be penalized for not reporting the accident to my insurance ? Will they have any knowledge of it because there was a police report for that? And finally , this accident is to be on my driving record (do not think it will, but I just want to be sure) Thanks in advance!
My boat was stolen i reported it stolen four years ago is there anywhere i can look for it or any advice?0Tired â¿´ s. -2012-03-15 10:20:58
My boat was stolen i reported stolen four years ago , is there any place I can find it or any advice ?
My iphone 3gs got stolen & the phone is from AT&T. I have insurance on the phone, can i get a new free phone?0Vows, [Me` Yan -2012-11-01 01:45:02
Activating my old Verizon phone?1Kavya Tank2012-09-17 10:55:04
I made an insurance claim on my phone is broken and a new coming in the mail. Tomarrow being July 4th , I will not get my new one until Thursday. Is there any way to activate an old phone that I work so I do not have to go without one for a couple of days?
Will Verizon replace my phone?0Kaushik2012-09-06 13:45:04
I have a Droid X last year and has insurance for her. Now , it acts like a piece of shit . 3i'll freezes at least twice a day and when I take my battery will not turn back on unless you connect it to the charger which is really annoying when I'm away from home because I have no way to turn it back on unless you can find a output and a person with a charger. It works well most of the time , but these few problems annoy the hell out of me. You think I give a new one since monthly payment for insurance since I got the phone a year ago.
Verizon phone question! ?!?1lidia2012-09-05 22:45:05
Ok , so I've been a loyal Verizon customer for thirty years and I had the Droid 2. So my contract ends and I bought the RAZR maxx DROID . I bought the insurance with him, 6.99 per month. The guy did not say specifically " if lost, broke or stolen, this insurance you get a free phone " for a week and a half later, when I bought it I fell when I was in my pocket and broke it. It took me back to Verizon and they said they have to pay $ 100 deductible ! ! Wtf! ! Im not paying that! What should I do ? !

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