Can anyone recommend an insurance carrier for insuring the contents of a house move (besides the movers)? related questions

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Can anyone recommend an insurance carrier for insuring the contents of a house move (besides the movers)?0marmot2012-10-09 23:15:09
I am moving the contents of my home in California to Colorado with the moving and storage company PODS - PODS insurance is very expensive and covers virtually nothing so I'd like to find a reliable insurance company to cover my belongings during transport and storage
Is it worth insuring your house if there are no valuable contents within it?4disk_ck2012-09-23 12:43:02
UK question
The movers i hired to move out damaged the gate of old bldg.?0joshkia2012-08-15 01:56:02
Now the bldg refuses to return my sec dep . Security bldg complete a damage report and was signed by the super bldg and the driver. The report states that the mover is liable for all damages. In that case should not be alone in front of the bldg mover and insurance directly. General Manager refuses planning permission to contact the insurance company moving to say no to their work. He is more than happy to keep my security deposit even though this had nothing to do with me . If this was just a random driver that damaged the gate would have to deal with insurance, but already have my money and can afford to be lazy and make me suffer. Can someone please tell me my options here. Thank you.
Anyone recommend a good insurance company for insuring my new laptop?0N-VAR-COLL 2012-02-17 03:54:08
I'm getting a new laptop on Thursday and was thinking it would be a good idea to get insurance because they do not have the best luck with laptops. Anyone know of any insurance company to go with good ? I've seen some on google search for all
Can anyone recommend a good company for insuring my engagement ring?3Gar2012-06-20 15:31:54
not covered my my standard home insurance
Which major insurance carrier would you recommend for home & auto?1Bor2012-09-08 06:15:03
Specifically, the major carriers ( Geico , State Farm , American Family, etc) do you feel has the best rates for coverage of quality and good customer service. This would be for two cars and a new home coverage . I live in the Midwest , so that the responses of those in this part of the U.S. are preferred. Any information you can provide would be much appreciated support . Thank you !
Can i find which company is insuring my contents?0Chapman2012-05-09 14:04:18
¿ I can find out which company is to ensure my content ?
If you move house how do house insurers know if you have claimed before?0Alan2012-06-01 16:33:13
If you move house , how to know if the insurers of the house that has claimed before?
What do insurance companies look for when insuring a rental house?0Pierre2012-07-09 05:36:07
I may want to rent out a town home in DC. My insurance company says that they need to do an inspection of the house, inside and out. What will they be looking for? What can I do to prepare?
Which insurance company is the cheapest when insuring an unoccupied house?1Jack Tequila 2012-06-18 00:35:41
Approximately how much is for a 3 bedroom townhouse ?
What life insurance carrier was used by Columbia House records0Scott2011-12-17 08:55:19
Can anyone recommend a decent home contents insurer which will cover expensive personal items away from home?0Bridget2012-05-19 11:08:00
Expensive is relative I know, but my wife has a

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