What's the average price for ferret chordoma removal?

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So we got two ferrets from a friend of a friend last year because she didn't want to take care of them anymore and she said if no one was going to take them she was going to let them go in the woods. Well my fiance convinced me to take them in and me being a softie for the "abandoned animal" persona I relented. Well I am a cat/dog person and knew absolutly nothing about ferrets so I got books, did all sorts of research, as to how to take care of these little elastic squiggles. They've grown on me and I've become quite attached to the little fuzzballs. Which is why it broke my heart to discover what the growing lump on the end of the young male's tail was. Chordoma, cancer. He needs his tail removed by a vet. I just got out of college and my fiance is currently unemployeed. I love the little cuse but we can't afford to go throwing big bucks on vet bills. I don't even have health insurance. So long story short, can anyone give me a good idea what chordoma surgery (tail amputation) costs? One lady told me $500 one told me $75 one told me $2,000. $75 I could do but not to much more. I was hoping to get some feed back before I start calling on area vets, just to know what ball park I'm in.

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