How do I get over my extreme anxiety and embarrassment about my birthmark and scars? related questions

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How do I get over my extreme anxiety and embarrassment about my birthmark and scars?0AL 922012-10-08 14:37:30
I have 19 years, female, bisexual, a college student, and when I was 15 or 16 until around my 18th birthday, I was a self-Harmer. Still I have many scars on his arms and legs at the time. Also I have a pretty ugly birthmark on my stomach, just above the navel. It is a rare type of birthmark that is not presented until puberty, due to the release of many hormones does show. So you've been spending more and more color and spotting as I had (which first appeared when he was 16 or 17 and was very small at first). The mole is uneven, irregular, high / irregular, stained, has multiple colors darker than my normal skin tone, is about 3 inches long and 1 inch wide, and has a part of her that is a scar lazer burn a medical procedure in several parts (in case you did not become something benign) to remove it. However, I think my family insurance changed or something and now as insurance does not cover it and I can not afford to have the procedure is complete. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My friends, dates and random people I meet when I'm out (I live in New York) tell me I'm too hot, and it worked, so I'm pretty sure my physical body as a whole. I'm also pretty sure personality wise. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, I have this intense anxiety about my scars and my birthmark that gradually has festered into a full blown phobia of sex and naked to others. He's been getting progressively worse (not sure if this is related to the progression of the birthmark or just pass the time). I had sex with about 5 or 6 people in my life. About a third of half of them was dating and the rest were only connections. I have not had sex in a year or two, because this phobia has gotten so bad. And it seems that the longer I go without sex, the more fear and anxiety builds up on it. Right now I have a few people I'm interested and want to be able to potentially connect with at least one of them. I've done with some people while I was in college this year, but I'm too afraid to go further. This creates a strange feeling, sometimes because I'll be with someone who I am very attracted, and who is attracted to me too, but I will not make a move because I fear it will end in sex, and although I really to have sex with them, anxiety prevents me from any action. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When I was about 11 or 12 years old, was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and social anxiety / phobia. Although I'm almost miraculously tons better now, due to years of fighting and pushing myself, I'm hitting the wall and I can not find a way to overcome it. I've had a history of anxiety during sex that has made my sex life difficult at times and now with this birthmark, it has become much worse. I do not like people to know that I have a birthmark so even change affect me in front of others, wearing a bathing suit, skinny dipping, etc. I have mostly overcome my anxiety about my scars remaining my self-injury days, as people can see that I'm fully clothed, but since I have the option to hide the birthmark on my stomach, I have developed an aversion to being around other shirtless. I always dread that hypothetical moment during sex when the other person see my birth mark for the first time, and is potentially upset by it or confused as to what it is. I used to be very proud of my abs and flat stomach, but now I feel that this birthmark removed the appeal of my stomach. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway, I feel this is so long, I've never seeked help for this and I can not talk about it, taking over my life in a way that I can live longer. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If anyone has any advice on how to overcome this extreme anxiety, would be sooo grateful. I can not avoid sex forever and I do not know what else to do.
What health insurance will cover getting rid of a birthmark?0mole2012-07-11 01:17:02
If it will, how can I find out insurance information for my family without asking my dad (I'm 19 and I'm under his plan beacuse I'm student and I still live at home) I have a birthmark that Im trying to get rid of, Ive been asking around clinics/spas ect. and they reffed me to a dermatologist, i called one up and they asked about my insurance beacuse they might be able to cover it. Im trying to do this under my parents noise beacuse we tried to get it removed when I was a kid but I didin't work so I kind of just gave up for a few years, (It was 12 years ago, i am now 19) I think it might be possible now a days, Its not that big ive been doing some research and I think its called a Cafe au lait spot I think either Microdermabrasion or a chemical peel could help me. Ive been trying to keep it a secret but I don't have any money, so if my parents insurance could cover it It would really be great. My birthday is next month (Sept 28) and If I got it all checked out enough to where I could get a treatment to get rid of it I was gonna try to ask for it for my birthday Its a brown patch on my face, its really been hindering my life. phycologicly, its not doing any harm physically, its purely cosmetic
Is there any hope for me to ever get rid of my scars?0La'Charlis2012-07-12 21:08:03
First and foremost - no success ever using Mederma, even after long periods of time. I have a few moderate scars on my hands and forearms because I used to be a cutter when I was young. My skin is so fair that the scars actually look purple-ish, it's so embarrassing. I don't want to have to be judged and scarred for something I did when I was literally 12-13 (I'm 21 now). I'm aware there are dermatologist laser treatments for scars, but the cost they told me it'd be around is simply outrageous and out of my means. It sucks that insurance won't cover any of it because it's a "cosmetic" procedure. Are there ANY other legitimate ways I can improve the appearance of these marks that I'd like to finally be able to forget about? Thank you in advance.
Anyone tried home remedies for red acne scars?0Danielle (7th grade)2012-07-08 01:38:23
I have moderately severe to severe acne. I used to pop them all the time so I have horrible red scars. I've tried clean & clear, clearisil, neutrogena, and others. I don't have the money to go to a doctor or derm (also don't have insurance.) I've tried home remedies and PREFER them.. I've tried honey & cinnamon (worked for a while but skin got used to it and made acne worse), avocado & honey (doesn't make a difference), honey alone (works pretty well but only temporary), I saw that egg whites is really good for acne and scars. Has anyone tried it?? I need to get rid of these ugly red acne scars really soon too!! Someone please help me?? :(
I want to see a dermatologist for my acne scars/red marks, what is the general price range without insurance?0oldpeoplerule2012-10-10 17:31:42
I want to go to a dermatologist to see what I can do with my acne , acne scars , red spots and dry skin . I called my insurance company to ask if it is covered said no. What is the overall cost ( approximate range ) of a dermatologist visit ? What kind of tests can be done and at what cost extra? I do not think it has anything bad enough to be sent for testing, mostly just want to clarify the scars , as it only has occasional grains . What can be prescribed for scars ? Thanks in advance .
Why are people being so extreme?0Frostie2012-07-30 02:40:57
Personally, I'm torn on Obamacare. It's giving me insurance but I don't think it's right to force people to buy something....But I don't have enough information to decide... Anyway, people are going around saying we're no longer a free country because of this. I mean this is just one thing and all of a sudden we're not a free country at all anymore? Look at this political cartoon -
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My significant other has extreme gastroparisis what can i do?0Allison B.2012-07-13 21:11:02
My significant other is diabetic and now has an extreme case of gastroparisis . In the past 3 months has been in and out of hospital. She can not stop vomiting , even with IV anti-nausea medications . She gets nutrition through TPN IV bags once a day. She is a very brittle diabetic and so your blood sugar very violent at times. We are not sure, and she is unemployed i work full time and struggle to pay bills . Doctors have suggested a gastric pacemaker . A surgery that can not afford. I'm on my end Witts . I really wish we could move to universal health care for my taxes would have to pay these bills with medical bills of all my countrymen. Until that happens , but what I can do ? This is exhausting, but I love her with all my heart. For better or worse than it is me forever and I have so much fear I will lose it.
Atheists do you dare to go to the extreme to know God?3 â¿´ Shang wrong car -2012-10-18 18:33:26
I was an ordinary guy working 9-5 daily for about five years with a good salary. I got bored so I gave up my job to be a life- representative for an insurance firm which I was doing part time. I know that it was a very risky decision to go full time because I won't be having a monthly salary that gives me a comfortable life style. In the first year I was using up my saving because I did not get good sales. How ever in the 2nd year I was earning five times more than I had with my past job. Today I still had my first dream mobile and lately I got myself a new SUV. I dare to go the extreme that is why I got much more money. Then I decided to find for a wife but because I have a few girl friends to choose from I decided to hold on to marriage so that I could enjoy sex with all of them. After a while I got burn out with those girls and I don't find any more sexual excitement with the fairer sex. No girls could give me any more sexual excitement. Life was so meaningless until I met a gay and asked me whether I dare to try gay relationship. He said that if I have not had sex with the same gender I have not yet known what sexual pleasure is. He introduce me to Pauline, a young, fair and tall handsome gay. Pauline and I will meet each other twice a week because he have to work night shift in a budget hotel. I did not have sex with him because I was afraid of being called a gay. I am well known to my friends as a playboy. After a year I figure out that if I want to do love to Pauline I have to be a gay. I know that I could not experience the sexual life of a gay if I don't do love to him. After I decided to do love to Pauline I found out that I have missed the world greatest sexual pleasure that sex could offer. I dare to go the extreme that is why i got the best sexual experience. If I did not go to the extreme I would not have the best of everything. Yet there was something missing in my life. One fine day I met a long lost Christian friend. He told me about God and the promise of it and gave me a bible. I took home the bible because I don't want to hurt his noble offer. I did not read it because I don't believe there is a god but Pauline read it when I am away ( by this time we live together like a husband and wife ). One day Pauline suggest that we should attend my friend church and give a try of knowing god. At first I refuse but after a few persuation from him I gave in just to make Pauline happy. After the sermon, Pauline said that she wants to be a Christian. I told him if that is what it would make him happy then go ahead and be baptize but I need a little time. On that day Pauline became a Christian. After a few months passes of him attending sunday service I could see the difference in Pauline character and attitude. He became like a light to all his friends and to me. I could see the love she had for me is so different. It was not of lust any more. I see that he have something good that I am missing so I became jealous and want to have what she have found. He said that I could have the greatest gift of life if I became a Christian. Just like I want to have the best sexual experience I have to be a gay, I know that if want the goodness of God which Pauline had I have to be a Christian. So I did and did received what goodness Pauline had. If not for Pauline great and daring quest to know God I would have missed the best of life that man could have. It's been ten yrs now and there is nothing we need in joy, happiness and love. We have the world and heaven. Pauline and I have stop doing love to each other for about three yrs because we know that our body is the house of the Good Lord. We find the greatest pleasure when God use our body to do His will through us. Do you dare to go to the extreme like us to know God? Just like a daring mountain climber that depends not on any tools and rope. Just with bare hands. No need proof that the mountain can be climb with bare hands. Just dare to go to the extreme. Do you dare to have the best of life ?

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