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38. What effect did Herbert Hoover's beliefs about government have on the American economy?
They caused the government to respond ineffectively to the Great Depression.
They caused Hoover to veto legislation that would have avoided the worst problems of the Depression.
They deepened the Depression because the government did not intervene.
They motivated Hoover to try to persuade Congress to act, but he could not get them to respond.
39. What is one way that Franklin Roosevelt maintained a close connection with the American people?
by using memorable quotes
through regular fireside chats on the radio
by delivering his State of the Union addresses in different cities across the nation
through weekly newspaper columns
40. What was the name for Franklin Roosevelt's agenda for solving the problems of the Great Depression?
the Good Deal
the New Agenda
the New Deal
the Government Operating Plan
41. Which agency was not created during Roosevelt's New Deal?
Social Security Administration
Tennessee Valley Authority
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Department of Housing and Urban Development
42. What were the main goals of Roosevelt's New Deal legislation?
relief, recovery, and reform
assistance for the poor and recovery for the rich
new institutions and buyouts of investments
unemployment insurance and stabilization of the international economy
43. How did the leadership of many European governments change during the 1930s?
Leaders paid down debt but incurred deficits.
New leaders asserted the importance of democracy.
Kings regained control in war-torn areas.
Fascist dictators assumed power.
44. How did some European leaders contribute to the start of World War II?
They developed new weapons that the military was anxious to use.
They raised taxes to such an extent that people were not able to pay them.
They invaded other countries without provocation in order to add territory.
They tortured World War I prisoners of war and refused to release them.
45. What action indicated that the United States would resume a policy of isolationism during the 1930s?
Congress passed five neutrality laws in order to stay out of any conflicts.
The U.S. Coast Guard and Army combined to establish firm border security.
European nations attempted to sign agreements with the United States, but the government refused.
The United States failed to pay its dues to the League of Nations.
46. Why did the United States finally enter World War II?
Italy took territory in Ethiopia.
The Soviet Union refused to pay back debts it owed.
Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.
Germany invaded Poland.
47. What U.S. policies violated the constitutional rights of some citizens during World War II?
preventing Movietone News from showing casualties being returned home
tapping the phones of suspected communists without warrants
internment and detention of Japanese citizens in camps
arresting protesters who wanted to voice concerns about the cost of the war
48. How did women play a role in World War II?
by enlisting in the military and working in civilian jobs that had typically been held by men
by running for political offices that men were unavailable to fill
by starting a letter writing campaign to servicemen
by producing inspirational radio programs that were broadcast to GIs
49. Following World War II, Stalin refused to remove Soviet troops from Eastern Europe. This unofficially signaled
the beginning of the Cold War.
the first challenge for the United Nations.
the power of the Soviet Union over the other Allies.
the strength of the German military forcing additional Soviet attention.
50. Name the U.S. policy toward communism following World War II.
51. What was the original purpose of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), formed in 1949?
to more accurately map all of Europe, Asia, and Africa to protect member countries
to create a group that would monitor the detonation of atomic bombs
to provide a unified training program for future military action
to form a bloc of western nations to defend against Soviet aggression
52. What June 1950 action caused the United Nations to respond with military action?
China invaded North Korea.
Japan invaded South Korea.
The Soviet Union invaded North Korea.
North Korea invaded South Korea.

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