Why do we now have to prove we have insurance to live in the US, but we don't have to prove identity to vote? related questions

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Why do we now have to prove we have insurance to live in the US, but we don't have to prove identity to vote?1Hi2017-11-19 23:49:18
Why now we have to prove that you have insurance to live in the U.S. , but does not have to prove their identity to vote?
I live in IL. How do I prove that I have taken and passed driver's education?0) ã„£ Ni real estate 2012-05-23 12:17:44
I would also like to know the steps needed to get my license .
I can't pay an electric bill for a place I didn't live at. How can I prove it?0james to henry2012-07-19 22:54:03
I moved to where I live now. The last place the electricity wasn't in my name. The place before, I moved out of (in my name) 3 months before when my electric company says I owe an outstanding $400+ bill. I sent them documents like rent reciepts for the place I lived before where I live now. I sent faxes of my auto insurance new address for the place before where I live now. They tell me change of driver's liscence address is not proof of where I lived. Yet, if you get stopped by the police while driving they allways want a) proof of insurence and b) a current valid driver's liscense. Well, my electric company tells me this is not proof enough, and I owe over $400. They sent me a final notice of electricity cut off where I live now. I use only $13 a month worth of electricity. I can't pay no $400! How do I prove where I did or didn't live?.
Why do citizens have to prove they have health insurance when people don't have to prove they are citizens?0n/a2012-08-09 13:07:42
And citizens are those who stayed with the tax bill for absolutely everything
Since life insurance actuarial tables (and observation)prove that short people live longer, shouldn't they pay?0Mike N2012-10-04 21:56:44
MedlinePlus less for life insurance and health? MedlinePlus Never look big and tall old age , and yes that shrink with age , but not by a foot !
How can i prove that car is a she?3Monro2012-04-30 22:38:13
How I can prove that the car is a woman?
How to prove your age?1CANE2012-10-11 01:45:03
I have 16 years and at some point this week or next week I'll be watching magic mike in theaters. However there have been several occasions when I have been mistaken for a child 12 years or younger still ! For example , I was taking my sister and I decided to buy buy a dvd twilight. When I arrived I was told that the box was not authorized to buy because you saw how old I was and fired me because they thought I was lying. Im getting my security number on Nasional two weeks , but I really need something to show my age for magic microphone. any suggestions ?
Hit and Run- How can you prove it?0ral2012-09-28 23:01:02
Say you're on a motorcycle and that is weaving traffic in Los Angeles . You and another car going into a little accident . Whose fault is quesitonable . You car. the other driver gets his license plate. he finds you so . How can you prove that you were the one that hit the car ? Would you say it was a fraud police report ? Bottomline : how can they prove it was you ? Another thing : do not even live in that city - live like 2 hours away . Damage to the bike are nothing .. no damage! How can you show a hit and run and that was you ? You should inform your insurance company and have them fight? What are the penalties ? thanx
HELP! Insurance?? How to prove....?0Catalina2012-07-17 13:17:02
I have to apply for insurance and they want proof of assets. How I can prove that exactly? How I can pass my old insurance ? Proof of residency ? Proof of income ? Proof of citizenship ? Proof of identity ? Proof of expenses ?
How do i prove to the BMV that my car was inoperable?10.�*�.�i�LoVe�Sk8Er�GuYz�.�*�. 2018-07-24 20:31:15
Yesterday I received a " random selection " of the BMV notification indicates that I have to show proof of insurance for my vehicle. However, my car is working for a family friend since late December , knowing I would not get back for over a month and the money is so strong that I chose to not pay my insurance, while it is working ( as it would not be running). The BMV 's website says that you may be required to demonstrate safe (for date of February 11 in my case) if you have evidence that his car was inoperable, but I have no idea how to try this! Perhaps a work order for my friend? Or take him as a witness ? I even tried to contact my insurance company to see if I could pay for the entire month of February retroactive , but would not let me . I am very nervous because the first offense penalty is to lose my license for 90 days! I think it's unfair because all the laws I've seen has said that you will have problems if you drive a vehicle without insurance and I do not work at all without coverage! I have insurance now, but my only options are to show that was secured on 11 February or prove that my vehicle was inoperable. Any ideas ?
How do we prove that she does not have insurance?0John2012-07-04 17:59:02
My mother's sons and I are going to court over our son and part of the order states that the child should be handled by someone with insurance. At one time she lived in an apartment with his mother and had insurance on 18 March, but April 15 was canceled insurance . On May 28 said it was moving on its own, but actually lives in a room with his mother and son , she refuses to show me sure what he called the police , say the owner has a social security so my son could go as long as the grandmother was driving. I released my son and when the police left the grandmother left the driver's side and my mother returned the children sitting in the drivers. How I can prove that no insurance ?
How to prove you have no income...?0Holly = )2012-07-17 12:34:02
I have two jobs (I have 18), but currently without a job . The first job I did not file tax returns because they do not have enough money ... And the 2nd job, I started to taxes has been filed ... I am applying for insurance you want proof of income, so how I can do that ? Do not know if I have my old pay stubs and my other work does not have pay stubs ..

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