Is this house worth buying?

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located on 5 acres, has a house that is 3161 square feet, plants need to do, great Kitchen in seperating but because the ground moves here, there are about 3 in the space between the kitchen and the house. There is another smaller kitchen that can be drawn. 26 windows were smashed by vandals. There is also a guest house that has a kitchen, small kitchen can be moved from the big house to the guest house. the guest house has 4 rooms and a solarium undefined. glass doors to sunroom were exploited. There is a pool house that has a dressing room and a shower, which is on the earth, we need a new liner. im not care if it works, we have some. you probably will not have to set up which is much older. that needs painting too. who has a shop. you need a new window. has hook ups. there is also a natural pond. some things were thrown into it, needs cleaning. I'll have my brother stay in guest house rent free while mowing the property and painted all the buildings. also has a barn that may need repairs and painting. is going for $ 138,500. MedlinePlus windows look new they still have the stickers from the company that put in. I wonder if they are still under warranty and if the warranty will cover the windows vandelised? MedlinePlus The house was built in 1987 and was wondering if the warranty is still valid, it will cover the kitchen to the main house seperaing? or if your home insurance covers these things? Is there an easy solution to this if these things are not covered? like putting foam into the crack and put putty to make it look like the mortar between the bricks? MedlinePlus also talk of painting the cement beneath the carpet and laminate. (When it gets muddy here, mud stains, I'm not interested in the carpet) and of course my brother is going to do the painting.

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