Can anyone help me with this accounting assignment?

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Favorite general FISHING HOLE: MedlinePlus Bob night opened the general fishing hole favorite fishing camp is open from April to September and attracts many famous coaches in college basketball during the offseason. Guests typically register for one week, arriving on Sunday afternoon and returning home the following Sunday afternoon the registration fee includes room and board using fishing boats and professional instruction in fishing techniques as the accounting for camping operations is provided below: MedlinePlus Revenues MedlinePlus 401 Registration fees MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Expenses MedlinePlus wages expense 511 MedlinePlus rent expense 521 523 office supplies MedlinePlus 524
food supplies and expenses MedlinePlus telephone expense 525 533 utilities expense MedlinePlus Insurance costs 535 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus postage expense 536 Depr.EXP 542. MedlinePlus fishing boats MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Assets 101 cash MedlinePlus 142 office supplies MedlinePlus 144 food supplies MedlinePlus 145 Prepaid insurance MedlinePlus 181 fishing boats MedlinePlus 181.1 Accum.Depr,-Fishing Boats
MedlinePlus LIABILITIES Accounts payable 202
219 wages payable
MedlinePlus Owners Equity 311 Bob night, capital of MedlinePlus 312 Bob night, drawing MedlinePlus 313 Income summary MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The following transactions took place during April 20 - MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Apr.1 night invested cash in business 90,000 MedlinePlus An insurance premium paid by MedlinePlus 9000 camping season 2 paid rent shelter and camping for April 40 000 MedlinePlus 2 35 000 tuition deposit MedlinePlus 2 buy 10 fishing boats account for 60,000 boats have been estimated useful life of five years, at which time arrangements will be donated to a local camp days were required to pay for the boats in July MedlinePlus 3 purchased food supplies from acme super market account MedlinePlus 7000 purchase office supplies from Gordon Office Supplies on account 500 MedlinePlus 7 38 600 tuition deposit MedlinePlus 10 buying supermarket food supplies has 8200 MedlinePlus Acne 10 salaries paid to fishing guides 10,000 MedlinePlus 14 deposited registration fees 30,500 MedlinePlus 16 buy supermarket food supplies has 9000 MedlinePlus Acne 17 salaries paid to fishing guides 10,000 MedlinePlus 18 postage paid 150 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 35,600 21 Deposited registration 24 buy supermarket food supplies has 8500 heyday MedlinePlus 24 salaries paid to fishing guides 10,000 MedlinePlus 28 deposited registration fees 32,000 MedlinePlus 29 salaries paid to fishing guides 10,000 MedlinePlus 30 buy supermarket food supplies has 6000 heyday MedlinePlus 30 paid acme super market on account 32,700 MedlinePlus 30 2000
profits paid invoice 30 phone bill paid 1200 MedlinePlus 30 Bob Night withdrew cash for personal use MedlinePlus 6000 MedlinePlus Adjustment information for late April following is MedlinePlus A) supllies HAND OFFICE REMAINING 100 MedlinePlus B) B) FOOD SUPPLY REMAINING ON HAND 8000 MedlinePlus C) C) INSURANCE DUE IN APRIL 1500 MedlinePlus D) D) AMORTIZATION OF FISHING BOATS FOR APRIL 1000 MedlinePlus E) Wages earned, but not yet paid in late April 500 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I just need the entires CLOSURE AND ADJUSTMENT

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