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Insurance claim in case of damaged packing2Joanna2012-05-11 06:32:04
Hi all, < / p > One of my Chinese friend has exported some U.S. products in drums on a DDP. Now the U.S. client is rejecting the material information that the drums are rusty. This oxidation is in transit and due to the wet atmosphere at the time of loading. There are also lots of water on top of the drums for a few, which is why the battery is oxidized. Client now rejects the charge and refuses to take delivery in the U.S. saying that the corrosion could have affected the material on the side of the battery and what not to take delivery . < / P > Now my questions are: < / p > 1) Can we Calim insurance? What are the chances? 2) The customer will not take the supply and container cargo is still in its facilities and the shipping line is loading detention / demrages . November my questions are: a) In this case, what to do with that burden? b ) If the provider you want to import Chinese to China, how to make it as a client of the U.S. not willing to accept the burden . c ) Is it possible to export the cargo to China without the aid of the U.S. client ? If so how? < / P > Your immediate action will be very appriciated. Greetings , < / p > Maulik < / p > < / p >
bopp adhesive packing tape Reviews0charlexgong2021-02-18 05:26:15
Bopp Adhesive Packing Tape It is a pressing factor delicate tape utilized for shutting or fixing folded boxes or for transportation and stock administration. It comprises of a pressing factor touchy cement covered onto a sponsorship material i.e: polypropylene which is a thermoplastic polymer (making it flexible over a specific temperature, <a href="">bopp adhesive packing tape</a>   and returning it to the strong state in the wake of cooling). Frequently the Packing tapes are bi-pivotally arranged which is a PP movie extended to the machine and cross heading which builds the strength just as the clearness of the film. The construction additionally makes the robotized and manual utilization of the pressing tape simpler. Because of it being a thermoplastic polymer, it could likewise work in higher and lower temperatures. Not all makers give rigidity insights but rather mechanical evaluation pressing tape ought to have the option to bear longitudinal pressing factor of around 27 pounds for every inch and 44 lbs. per inch, transverse. Its structure being rough and high ductile makes it an ideal material for bundling and naming. It is additionally impervious to scraped area, dampness and different substance solvents. It is not difficult to cover, print and even to overlay, which makes it ideal for the production of custom bundling tape.
What happens if you can not claim damaged goods on insurance0 Nurse -2012-02-24 22:48:15
What if you can not claim the property damaged in the insurance
Pothole damaged my car, how to claim?8Sarah2012-05-29 17:10:58
I recently hit a pothole while driving and now my car seems to be pulling to the left. ¿ I can claim against the Highways Agency or advice for my monitor / check the alignment / redo ? If so how do I do ? thanks
Car damaged by Road? Can you claim?9 Taiwan2012-05-13 20:08:59
My father drove along the A17 near Kings Lynn in time of snow . He followed the footsteps of other motorists. His car went into a huge pothole . That has damaged your wheels / tires and maybe more. The car has been taken to be evaluated. The father has been for the A17 since then and you can see that the pothole has been repaired with new asphalt. My dad may be claimed for it and from whom? Anyone had success with a claim? thanks
Is Shivam Packers and Movers a prestigious name for packing and moving services?0priya2012-09-28 07:15:03
Varied purposes served by Shivam Packers and Movers include domestic services , office relocation , home shifting , storage facilities , provision for insurance of property and home changes , etc. . MedlinePlus
Great Reasons to Order Moving Boxes While Relocating Packing0sabiahmedabad2020-02-16 22:45:09
Great Reasons to Order Moving Boxes While Relocating Packing your things correctly while relocating will help make your move smooth and a little better especially when loading and offloading. The use of moving boxes makes it even easier for you as they can help hold your stuff, can be numbered and can also be loaded and offloaded with ease. There are many reasons why its recommended that you use boxed while making your moves. Read the rest of the article below, it would give you a lot of information about how to relocate moving boxes. Among them are: By using boxes, you will help make the process easier. Since the boxes are strong and uniform, it will be easy while being handled. The boxes also help in saving space that could actually be covered by your unpacked stuff hence reducing the overall cost that you would be charged for uses of space. It will also help the Long beach movers company reduce the time that would have been taken if your goods were to be arranged in a truck without boxes. However, the professional movers provide their boxes in most of the instances. Packers and Movers Ludhiana After you have hired Long beach movers company, they will appreciate being able to stack your personal belongings into the truck faster hence saving some time. Since there is uniformity in the boxes, you will not expect to see them topple over another hence making it a great experience. You cannot imagine how the scenario will be without boxes or when different sizes of boxes are used. You can be sure that you will help save the situation a lot when you use boxes of similar sizes. By getting enough moving boxes in advance, you will be able to make use of the effort that is provided by your friends. This could be well before your actual moving date and inn the process, if there is need, you will get out getting some more boxes before the Long beach movers company arrives.  This will help make the process faster as there will be no time wasted on the actual day of your moving out. You will be able to pack everything in the se boxes since they are strong enough to handle even the fragile things. When it comes to marking the boxes, its even easier since whatever is inside can be known by looking at the label that you have attached. Your time and money will be saved, no doubt about that. You will appreciate that your items are packed securely and the rate at which breakages occur might be minimized. The entire process might be simplified and at last, you will appreciate being able to save a lot of time. If you can reduce the time that spend on the relocation day, why not try these boxes?Furthermore,you could end up paying Long beach movers company reduced amount by doing your packing a lone hence its imperative that you order the boxes in advance and pout everything in order. Packers and Movers Ahmedabad
I was backing up from the packing lot and this lady hit ma car at the right hand corner of ma rear bumper with0salvador2012-07-25 19:34:02
she hit ma car with the right hand side of her i.e from the right front head light right front wheel, up to her door. to me she was in the wrong coz ma car had already taken portion of the road, this happened on private property in the apartment parking. we called the officer and he said we should exchange policies then the insurance companies will battle it out. a week later the officer sends me a ticket cited " failure to control speed to avoid collision" i feel like i dont deserve this and wanna contest it. Do i have any luck of winning?
Insurance claim on water damaged Phone?0Claire2012-05-06 14:00:13
Stupidly I put my water bottle in my bag with all my notes and mobile phone. The spill bottle, and my phone , I figured it was safe in my pocket was actually taking a dip in the pool is just like water! Now it is completely dead, and certainly not pass the test indicator that the chambers are filled , like mini tanks . I claim my attention on the orange, but as the damage was due to what they perceive as neglect that can not be sustained Can anyone think of any realistic reason I left out ? I am a student and can not afford to fork out for something new! x
My kids damaged my settee. Can I claim on insurance?2Erika2012-07-20 11:23:03
My kids accidentally ripped pads based on my leather sofa. ¿ I can claim home insurance such as accidental damage ? Thank you very much !
have you had to claim for damaged good from a shipment?1~Latina~ 2012-03-13 01:07:07
wondering if anyone had to cliam for goods damaged while being sent to you from China ? what was the good , how damaged, lost, prices, what was the outcome? good to hear from you all [ EM17 ]
How long does ups take to complete an insurance claim for damaged shipment?0Biren bahkta2012-09-07 14:15:03
The shippment was insured for $1000. The amount to repair the damage is $630. I am wondering how long it will take. it is my computer and I have to wait for them to pay before i can get the computer repaired.

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