Insurance claim in case of damaged packing

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Hi all, < / p > One of my Chinese friend has exported some U.S. products in drums on a DDP. Now the U.S. client is rejecting the material information that the drums are rusty. This oxidation is in transit and due to the wet atmosphere at the time of loading. There are also lots of water on top of the drums for a few, which is why the battery is oxidized. Client now rejects the charge and refuses to take delivery in the U.S. saying that the corrosion could have affected the material on the side of the battery and what not to take delivery . < / P > Now my questions are: < / p > 1) Can we Calim insurance? What are the chances? 2) The customer will not take the supply and container cargo is still in its facilities and the shipping line is loading detention / demrages . November my questions are: a) In this case, what to do with that burden? b ) If the provider you want to import Chinese to China, how to make it as a client of the U.S. not willing to accept the burden . c ) Is it possible to export the cargo to China without the aid of the U.S. client ? If so how? < / P > Your immediate action will be very appriciated.

Greetings , < / p > Maulik < / p > < / p >

Answer1IcE BoX ;) Answered at 2012-02-12 22:28:06

First Third Party inspection must be done, if customer demand in the U.S. is justified. If drums are rusty inspection will also give you idea of ​​what the rusty drums, so if the inspection is reconfirm that this occurred during the trasnport is an injury, although transport. And the fact that this is an insurance case, but certainly the insurance also will then inspect if the oxide is transportation or material of poor production. Since the customer does not want to take the goods, the goods belong to who owns the documents, if already paid for and obtained the documents that the first is in charge of costs accrued, if you have not paid then the documents still belong to the sender and, in fact, is responsible for the costs. But the costs resulting from damage to the port so it is extensive damage and is also in the line of insurance. So once the inspection confirmed that the base material is good, but the wine oxidized by transportation damage all insurance costs (shipping insurance) is responsible. But now it is important to know which closed the transport, the buyer or seller, whether in this case the transport has not been retained by the seller, then it is very bad. To re
am not familiar with Chinese regulations, but should normally be no problem to re-export the good if you declare the return of defective products. However, since the first time the insurance must be clarified first inspection must be done and sure his friend got in touch so that inspection can be done. After this, the question is whether the insurance is responsible for the costs of goods then of course, must remain in his possession, most will try to sell it as real havarious if possible through third parties for reduce damage through sales of such havarious damaged; goods. Undoubtedly, the loss of sales is not covered and reimbursement for transportation comapny is limited to the purchase of goods, unless another insurance makes me personally I can not imagine. B or RGDS.

Answer2AlviAnswered at 2012-05-11 06:32:04

Dear NB, < / p > Thanks for the reply and the informatoin . One more thing I want to do . Chinese supplier forgot to send the original insurance policy to the U.S. . Now I sent a copy of insurance policy exploration of the U.S. . Can the U.S. insurance claim based on copying, scanning of the insurance policy ? If the insurance company needs the original supplier , then immediately sent a copy by mail if there is any possibility to claim . Thus, the insurance company starts the inspection process and claim based on copying, scanning and then immediately send the original copy if the claim is possible and confirmed by the insurance company . Because if the insurance company refuses to pay the claim, then there is no need to send an original copy. < / P > The sencond I know that within what time the customer U.S. must inform the insurance company . As is 5 days to decide that the U.S. will not accept a charge. To date no one has reported anything to the insurance company. < / P> < / p >

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