What do you recommend for cheap car insurance for a young driver? related questions

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What do you recommend for cheap car insurance for a young driver?0kavita2012-10-01 11:17:02
I have 18 years and spent my test three weeks ago today , when I was 17 ! I have a Ford Fiesta 1.1 N reg ! I've done my pass plus too! The best quote I have found is
Cheap Used Car and Cheap Auto Insurance in Ontario for Young Driver?1Beache2012-11-04 15:10:02
I currently hold a Class G2 driver's license , I am still attending high school until June. I am under 18 years old my birthday is in May when I will be 18 years. That currently have never had an accident , ticket , or any other mention of any kind. I'm looking to buy a used car and looking for cheap auto insurance . Can anyone help me. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE YOUR SPEIL ON HOW NOT TO DRIVE OR ATLEAST 4000 a year is cheap enough . The young students who work to make without the aid should not have to justify.
Cheap Car Insurance for young driver?1Heady2012-03-22 18:35:33
Hi, I have 18 years , men and passed my driving test yesterday, but when I looked at the price comparrison sites is extremely expensive, even those who are supposed to be for young drivers , tips on how to get a cheap car insurance . The car is a 106 and I would like to be fully comp . Thanks Ask for further details
Anywhere for cheap young driver car insurance?1Lerma2012-09-04 13:15:03
Hi all, I am a man of 18 years with a 1999 Ford Focus 2.0 petrol 5dr hatchback and my monthly output for car insurance is
Cheap young driver insurance?2Mabel2012-06-30 13:11:03
im 17 and am looking for some kind of cheap car insurance price comparison websites is very expensive, does anyone know of a company that does it for a fair price?
Cheap car insurance for young new driver?2Romeo2012-10-22 09:18:02
Hi , I ` m 19 years , I spent my test two months ago and would like some help . I tried a lot of insurance companies, different cars, the last time I tried to use a 2002 smart for two, with my father as a driver of the first 4 years of NCB and insurance is still 4k. someone can help me and give me some advice ? thank you very much
Cheap car to insure-young driver?0Geraldine2012-05-14 13:11:06
I have 17 years from 18 years and was looking at the cars cheaper to maintain and insure. I was very interested in the mini cooper s and the new Opel Corsa. Any opinions or suggestions? Thanks in advance
What is a cheap car for a young driver to insure?0Sweet Cheeks 2012-06-15 12:06:16
I am thinking of buying a cheap run around under
Where can I go for cheap car insurance for a young male driver?2daddydoan 2012-06-11 08:31:01
My 17 year old is taking classes, but we found that the cost of adding him to our car insurance is prohibitive. I really wish he was able to drive our car as my husband is disabled and also take care of my mother 80 years to have someone else in the family with a license will be a real blessing, but the current rates to add it to my insurance seem to be pushing the initial cost of the
What are the best ways for a new, young driver to get cheap(ish) car insurance?10Suzanne2012-06-10 21:50:10
I've been looking online at websites and countless insurance comparison sites and the lowest bid to ensure I get a Smart ForTwo is about 689cc
Cheap insurance for young proffessonal driver?2Matthe2012-04-29 08:50:12
I have 23 years working for a car and van rental company to drive an average of 15 cars and trucks a day from small hatchbacks to the range of 90k Rovers, etc. BMW sports mercenaries yet still I can not get insurance less than
How do i get car insurance down, young driver wanting cheap mx5?7Pebbles2012-07-18 11:00:02
Ok , so you may be wandering why I want an MX5. I want to enter a mx5 drift and looks like a good car for him. can get a fine for one of

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