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Why am I suddenly breaking out?!?0grandall2012-09-30 22:15:03
I've had great skin my entire life . Throughout my teenage years , I had the occasional pimple or blackhead but nothing major . A little over a year I started getting a lot of white heads and large painful pimples . I proactively for a while and my skin improved , then much , much worse . Proctive I left at the end of last summer and in the past 3 months I have beaten their lowest point . Now I have cystic acne ! They usually have at least a small cyst and several " normal" pimples . Cysts are absolutely horrible and badly wounded . Last winter I had one on my forehead that came and went pretty quickly and was not too noticeable , but then only had regular grains . It was more of a red bump , these are large, flat, white on top . Very , very remarkable . I've actually picked up and people looking at them! I do not get that. Why am I suddenly burst into the ge of 21 ? ? MedlinePlus The only things that are different from my life now before my teenage years are : MedlinePlus 1. I've been sober for 15 months. Meth and ritalin was my drug of choice , along with alcohol and marijuana . MedlinePlus 2. Only recently ( bout 2 weeks ago ) stopped receiving my chance deprovera . MedlinePlus I know I should see a dermatologist , and if I had good insurance or the money would. Im saving but until you can afford it , does anyone have any answers? MedlinePlus I'm desperate . I feel so bad every time I look in the mirror . I hate my face ) :
What if we had insurance for breaking the law?1monkie2012-10-24 04:15:03
Think about it, you have insurance if they violate the law so that you are covered financially . For example , what is the going rate for a dui these days ? $ 2,000 ? U.S. $ 4000 . If we can take that same concept of auto insurance and life insurance , do you think would be better ?
A car hit me from behind after I suddenly stopped?4Barlo2012-10-22 05:37:54
It was not a persecutor who was chasing me down a path of about 5 or 6 feet behind my car . I sped down the anger that you get off , but I saw it accelerate. I figured it was going to start tailgating once again went the speed limit , so that jammed on the brakes and I hit the bumper. I'm not sure what to do now, because he says he does not " going to do nothing" and not clearly defined. He says he's been in enough accidents and whatever. I'm thinking he thinks he should not, because I jammed on the brakes of anger. Is it technically guilt and still hit my bumper and should have been able to react in time, or I have nothing because I jammed on the brakes of anger, it was not an emergency stop or something? I'm thinking about making things easier for us , once we get an estimate from my local auto shop , divide the bill by half since that technically should see how I react . If he still refuses to pay, what should I do ?
Breaking my rental contract?1jika2012-08-28 06:32:15
Tenacy break the contract ? MedlinePlus Dear users of Yahoo Answers , please my property rented apartment has mold and my home is wasting time trying to level , this has been the case since I moved in less than a year ago , I can park outside the house , although I have 2 more months left on my contract ? I just had a baby and do not want to expose to mold because of the health implications , there is a clause in my contract that states MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I did not initially know the health risk of mold , so do not work well , but my landlady and mother is a nurse and knows the implication, but she has an attitude not Challant MedlinePlus MedlinePlus "20 Tenure Interruptions MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 20.1 If the property is destroyed or made ​​uninhabitable by fire or any other risk against which the MedlinePlus MedlinePlus owner
Breaking your tenacy agreement?0Beautiful2012-09-18 21:15:05
Dear users of Yahoo Answers , please my property rented apartment has mold and my home is wasting time trying to level , this has been the case since I moved in less than a year ago , I can park outside the house , although I have 2 more months left on my contract ? I just had a baby and do not want to expose to mold because of the health implications , there is a clause in my contract that states MedlinePlus MedlinePlus "20 Tenure Interruptions MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 20.1 If the property is destroyed or made ​​uninhabitable by fire or any other risk against which the MedlinePlus MedlinePlus owner
Is my husbands boss breaking a law?0Maddy2012-09-10 21:15:02
My husband is a truck driver. He drives for local company that has about a dozen drivers a secretary and the two brothers that own the company. I recently found out that the owners have health insurance and only 1 of the drivers are carried on that policy. The other drivers have not been allowed to sign up on it. Is this illegal? We are in Oklahoma.
My phone is breaking and have no insurance help?0Paula2012-07-26 08:32:02
I have a samsung galaxy s2 on t-mobile i had it about 4 months and my phone keeps freezing overheating and voice search just comes up on its own and it also rotates the screen when auto rotate is off. i have no insurance and was wondering if there was anything i cant do about it because i dont want to pay to get it fixed because its shouldnt really be broken after such a short time! Does it have gurantee and how do i find out? Thanks
Help Me =' ( reached my breaking point?0orangutan2012-11-01 23:17:51
I need some answers, Im so confused. My sisters 23 and Im 18. My sister got involved in a huge "crime". It went nation wide. I wont get into speciffic detail but she stabbed someone. She went to jail for nine months. She lost her son over this. Anywho, she got married when she got out of jail to someone she only dated for two months, she got pregnant about maybe four or five months later. She was put on probation when she got out of jail for five years. Well she violated for smoking weed and ran to Flordia with her husband and unborn child. She hid out there. She was a stripper as her job. They hit rock bottom and had to come back to NY. She got caught about a week after returning here. She was in jail 9 months pregnant. They decided to let her out on bail. She had her daughter and continued to be s tripper working in a bar ( violation of probation) and drink, drugs exc. Her husband is a woman beater and I saw him beat her before I called the police on him. I was just scared he was going to kill her. Ive done alot for my sister. I came over to her apartment every day to let her use my car. Ive done everything I can to help her out in any ways I could because I dont want to see my niece homeless. Well my sister went back to court for "running away to flordia" a couple months ago. Her punishment was House arrest for six months. Her husband has been working a job until July. He got into such a "horrible car accident" and now gets checks weekly for his "injury". There relationship is horrible they argue and scream in front of their daughter all the time. They break up and get back together every other day. Well In the middle of July they broke up again and she begged me to move in with her to help pay bills. I said I would think about it and she kept begging me. I asked her if this was legit or were they just going to get back together she promised me it was legit so I decided to move in with her. I sacrificed my relationship with my family, my money and most importantly my JOB. Things were going alright. Then it started falling apart she was having dudes over left and right drinking, doing shrooms exc. I unfortuently lost my job I was hospitalized for an infection and my work did not accept my hospital note. My sister actually was working a REAL job in her life because she is on house arrest and ovbiously she couldnt be working at the club. I stayed at home with her daughter fed, clothes her and put her to bed every night before she got home. Cleaned the house to a T. When I did have my job before I lost it I helped out with the rent, utilities, car payment, insurance, and got her new tires for her car.. Did all her errands, since she wasnt allowed out of the house. I did alot for her. She would always find something to ***** about though. Well her husband has been trying to get her back hes been buying her all these fancy things. Paying the bills for the apartment, expensive jewlery I felt bad for him. I knew he was really trying and I felt bad that she was doing him dirty the whole time. I told him about a month ago she cheated on him with her friend. He didnt seem to care at all. About two weeks ago she came up to me and asked me if he could move back in the apartment. I felt like she stabbed me in the back. After everything I had done for her she wants him to move back in. I sacraficed everything just to hel her out just for him to move back in. I told her she needs to do what she needs to do. They got back together and he moved back in. She was going through his facebook messages and saw he was talking to another girl and flipped out on him. Then of course it all backfired on me. While she was screaming at him for talking to another girl he yelled back at her and said " You ****** another dude in OUR bed next to OUR daughter. She looked at me and asked me if I told him, I was the only one that knew. I couldnt even get out of this lie I told her yes. She kicked me out of the house at 1 in the morning walking the streets with no money no clothes no nothing. I came back a couple days later. She beat my *** I have two black eyes. Bruises everywhere. I dont know what to do. Even just doing that to me is a violation on probation. I'm confused I know it wasnt any of my business to open my mouth and tell him that she cheated on him. I shouldnt of done that but I felt bad for him. Im confused I thought I was a good sister and did everything I could for her. Im the bad guy now. I moved back home with my parents. All my stuff is there and she keeps calling me asking me when Im coming to get it. Was I wrong to of done that to their relationship, what should I do?
Can you be evicted for your washer breaking?0LORAINA2012-07-05 05:03:01
My boyfriend and I bought a washing Craigslist, and was broken while they were shopping. When we got home , our kitchen was flooded. We take care of him, and went to sleep. Two days later , the tenant below us says his apartment is flooded , too. I went looking , and the carpet is wet and not to drop the paint on the walls. Our contract says we are responsible for damage to the building (not his personal property) . The two do not have renter's insurance . Will we have to pay for their personal belongings were ruined ? In addition , the big question , can be evicted for this? The washing machine broke. Do not ruin anyone's property on purpose . Any help is greatly appreciated. :)
Car Insurance question: Am i breaking the law?7Punker Chick 2012-06-06 05:47:07
My mother added to your auto insurance . The car is a car of 1.4 and I have a full automatic licence.Ive held this license for almost 9 years and have had a motorcycle license for about 19 ​​years. Your insurance ( franchise ) have said that I am only insured to drive, while my mom is in the car. So I'm concerned that there are times when I'm not sure - 1 . when the investment of a private road to the road. 2 . When parked with input / output engine running, but I'm in the driver's seat and my mother has left the car is, to send a letter , a press in a store. I'm concerned that I might be accused of not being insured by the police. Or if it was a car that hit me while im stationed , but my mom was not in the car, then face charges . To my understanding , that should not be front wheel drivers if my mom is not in the car? sae in the mansion that an intoxicated person can be charged with drunk driving , even if he / she just sits in the driver's seat and no keys in the ignition ...
How do you politely say no without breaking a kid's heart?0John Jones2012-08-04 14:38:50
People often assume that since we have a pony that he is perfect for children and can they come over and ride him. While I wouldn't class him as dangerous, he's not a novice child's pony, he has a mind of his own. Haha. Also even though there are liability laws, and even though people say they'd never sue you and they won't sign a release, the minute someone gets even a minor injury their insurance company WILL try to sue you. I don't want to lose a friendship or go to court over something that is supposed to be wonderful. And then there is the whole do an LLC to protect yourself bit, except you have to show profit 2/3? years? That is probably challenging to do with a small property and 1 0r 2 lesson horses. Maybe not, I don't know. We suggested some local stables which have great horses and programs for kids but feathers were still ruffled. I feel AWFUL b/c I love kids and would love nothing more than to give the gift of horses but I can't. How can I make them understand?
Breaking up and can't afford the bills pls help.?0Natatlie2012-10-01 06:18:03
I need help please. I live in an apartment with a boyfriend who controls everything and it hurts my cats . Today I was asking WACTH our son while I comb my hair I wanted to do my roots . It was enough that I said it was stupid because it never goes well and will not let go . I'm spending my money is why you can never WACTH our son , why I cried about how I do everything wrong . While he does nothing and no chorces or help with child . And when he does little things like taking out the trash I have to pay sexauly . Every day I cried from our son and told him and me dumb or stupid or do not listen .. MedlinePlus Maybe I 'm stupid for leaving this and I feel guitly but I'm not happy . MedlinePlus Bf pays bills all the time for the first time in 10 years. MedlinePlus The rent is 800.00 and the car is 500 700 per paycheck just do as I have health insurance benfits coming out of each check . I have to find the light at the end of the tunnel . I know that by signing one together and I know he 's going to leave more likey since we have a car in my name. Need adivce on what I can do, so I owe my apartment we live in now so I can go to a differnt place once the lease. I want to know my options someone else has been through this? I go out with my credit card to make me and my child life words can move backward. I try to talk to him , but he does not listen and silenced me because he does not want to hear. I love our baby more than anything I have to do what is right for her. please help . Thanks for reading I know it's too long : ( .

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