Need help accounting?

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For each of these five separate cases , identify the principle of internal control that is violated . MedlinePlus Tell what the company should do to ensure compliance with the principles of internal control . MedlinePlus 1. Heather Flatt records all incoming customer receipts in cash for your employer and client messages MedlinePlus payments to their respective accounts .
2. At Netco Company, Jeff and Jose alternate lunch hours . Jeff is the petty cash custodian , but if MedlinePlus someone needs petty cash when he is at lunch , Jose fills as custodian . MedlinePlus 3. Nadine Cox posts all expenses and payments of patients in the P -Town Medical Clinic . Every night MedlinePlus Nadine back up the accounting system to a tape and ribbon stored in a locked
on your desktop. MedlinePlus 4. Barto Sayles prides itself on hiring skilled workers who require little supervision . As office MedlinePlus manager , Barto gives his employees full discretion over their tasks and for years has seen no reason MedlinePlus to conduct independent reviews of their work . MedlinePlus 5. All West

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