What should i buy for my stupid acne!!!!!!!!?

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Hi! I tried so many things I do not want to go to a derm though I have no health insurance . I tried going to the natural, how to drink green tea every day , bought the pills for acne that are rich in vitamin A and other vitamins , I bought scar cream to help with my acne scars ... the thing is that my acne is not cystic acne ! What you see is mostly small red circles and white heads ... is so rare , it's like my skin is inflamed or something .. I've been struggling a bit , has been in therapy , but quit, ibs developed disordered eating habits , and I'm eating more healthy foods most commonly now , I do not drink soda , im using Alba Botanica acnedote and bought the astringent also worked a little bit , now I'm using alba botanica papaya , as a teenager I never had acne my acne problems started when I was 18 I am now 20 and has become worse than ever been I worked outdoors during the summer, so maybe the sun made ​​worse because my skin was not until two months so I do not know what to do : ( ... hmm .. im not on any medication I stopped taking my medication ibs and iron pills that had for anemia those are the only changes ... Should I wait it out ? I have cystic acne their smaller heads and white bumps .. my acne looks like this , but they are not as large in size http://www.google.com/imgres?um=1&hl=en and

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