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If USPS priority mail envelope gets lost in mail?0natasha2012-09-27 18:45:03
If you do not buy insurance in the envelope , what are your options ? Content worth about U.S. $ 200
How can I get USPS to find a lost priority mail item?0cool kat2012-08-16 10:45:02
My wife and I had a priority of internal mail sent 7 days before Jacksonville , Florida for delivery to Chicago. Monitoring the last update was 6 days. Although the USPS said we should give up yesterday to get there, when we have called today still do not do anything about it . Only go around to different parts of USPS no one could do anything. The delivery address is printed clearly. The senders address was clearly printed . The contents of the package is extremely important to us. Do not worry about insurance claims . All we want is to find the package . Does anyone have any suggestions for what our next step should be to find the package?
Can anyone please answer a challenging 2 part question about USPS registered mail and USPS insurance rates?1george stanza2012-08-28 20:42:04
Part 1: I have just recently started selling my handcrafted fine jewelry online. I have sent several packages overseas 1st class mail Int'l parcel registered with the declared value from $80 to $350. The registration fee is $11.75 regardless of what the declared value is. (They don't offer insurance so I'm assuming that what you pay for when using registered mail is extra security and therefore insurance isn't needed. If I'm wrong about that please tell me!) When I ship jewelry within the US I use 1st class parcel with insurance and delivery confirmation. I've had things lost in the mail before so I always insure my packages. I have not sent anything registered mail in the US yet so I don't know how it works. My question is: When I ship something within the US (not international), could I send a very expensive ($5,000.00) item US registered mail and have the same coverage as if I sent it 1st class parcel with delivery confirmation and insurance? Does the post office automatically send something registered if it's above a certain $ amount? (The most expensive package I've shipped within the US was valued at $235 and I paid $4.85. So, IDK how pricing goes above an item worth $235.) Part 2: The cost of insurance varies greatly: an item worth up to $50 costs $1.85 to insure, $51-$100 costs $2.35 to insure, $101-$165 costs $2.90 to insure. I'm trying to figure out the post office's pricing system. The cost of the amount of insurance doesn't increase in equal $ value amounts and there seems to be no pattern. If anyone can clear this up I'd be SO grateful!
Can I use USPS Media mail services with a USPS medium flat rate box to ship books?1Eden2012-06-20 15:34:09
And if I can, the shipping fee will be counted as electronic media or through flat rate shipping ?
Is a drivers license in the mail considered to be high priority?0duck2012-03-23 01:48:33
is a driver's license in the mail considered as high priority ?
Is this unusual for USPS's Media Mail service?0JamesMichael2012-08-06 00:51:02
I sold a series of books that are delivered in two separate packages on Friday, December 16 . A package arrives Tuesday, December 27 . Since the announcement of the second package has not arrived. Worse, these packages only have to travel from North Carolina to VA. I have the USPS delivery confirmation , however , this status has been " electronic shipping info received" from which prints the shipping label , on Thursday, December 15 . USPS said that request a "research" on 4 January. That just gives the package Saturday ( today) and Tuesday and Wednesday. This was an eBay transaction , so I'm starting to worry because I could be at a loss . In addition , the buyer informed me that the first packet is falling apart and the contents were beginning to crumble. Can you tell me is this normal for USPS Media mail take so long for this time of year? In addition, failure to purchase insurance, USPS is taking responsibility if the package is lost or stolen in his possession ?
Insurance check lost in the mail?0ST pls ASAP2012-10-09 10:49:56
I would buy car insurance through a local insurance agency and sent them a check. Two days later he called me and said they are a sudden increase rate ( about $ 70) and they had to send the check back to me to add . I said yes . It's been four days and I have not received the check. I called the insurance company and insist that sent four days ago . So what should I do ?
I lost my drivers license, do i have to wait for them to mail it or do i get it right away when i go?0Armadillo 2012-05-13 19:37:02
I have a flight within two weeks and I need my ID . I do not need to be renewed only need one copy. Will you fill out forms , pay and take a new picture then send in the email Or since you just have to get a duplicate give it to me at the same time? Thanks and I give it 5 stars and 10 points more useful today ?
I lost my certificate that the online drivers education corse sent me thru the mail?0Hell's Sabre 2012-05-14 03:12:18
I took a long time I can not remember what online.course . I paid $ 55 fir DNT so I have to restart it. What should I do
I lost my California ID card. Can i somehow, through internet, make the DMV send me another one through mail?0Feodora2012-06-15 16:22:13
I lost my California ID card . ¿ I can somehow, through the Internet , make the DMV to send me another through email ?
What does shipping insurance cover when mailing a package? Does it cover if it's lost in the mail?2Shortie 2012-06-11 11:48:23
What insurance coverage when mailing a package? Does it cover if lost in the mail?
What should i do if i lost the envelope for my provisional license to send back too?1 - uh. 2012-05-05 20:35:33
What should I do if I lost my provisional license about to send back too?

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