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i wanna leave home but im scared and i wanna live with my friends family02012-09-26 17:46:10
Im 15 years old and i hate living at my home. I cant stand being there, there is a lot that is going on in my life that i cant even take it anymore i really wanna give up. My parents are divorced and none of them are there for me there always there for my brothers but not me i have to support myself whatever lil money i can get i try to buy me clothes or shoes or something i need. My friend and her family invited me to stay with them but im scared to leave. My friends family i feel like im actually loved and cared about but when i come home im always crying or sad and i feel like i wanna give up!! Can i leave to my friends house like get it approved y a judge or ow do i get it approved by my parents? 
I just bought a friends car. And I wanna insure it...?0Ede2012-04-26 07:54:42
How I can register my name? I can assure you registered without me or I have to register first?
Im 17 and i live in NC. I wanna get my license but i dont have my permit yet. Can someone please help me??1Ulaanbaatar2012-03-26 02:16:19
M 17 and I live in North Carolina. I get my license but I have my license yet. I dont no what to do and do not want to wait a whole year to get my license. Can someone please give me some suggestions of what I can do ?
If I leave all the 50cc scooter badges on my scooter and drop in a 150cc would cops know? Cause I don't wanna ?0London2012-07-27 13:12:02
Pay for insurance / tags / motorcycle license . How police officers inspect the bike if you stop? Could he get away with the fall of 150 in ?
19and scared to leave home..!!!?0joi2012-07-20 18:19:01
I am 19 years old & I will be 20 in 3 months. I am the only child & my mom is veryy controlling & treats me like I am a toddler and I am tired of it. I have tried talking to her but she never listens. She told me recently that she buys my happiness. Recently I got fired from my job & didnt tell her, but right after i got a new job,so now that she knows she is punishing me by taking my car & locking me in the house & doing nothing but chores & told me I couldn't work at the new job that I got. So now I been thinking about just leaving a note saying I'm leaving a month to stay with my dad & come back when I go back to college, the only thing is , is that I am nervous about leaving because I been living up to my family expectations my whole life & not doing what I want to for a change. My mom is a very negative person, never has anything positive to say. She doesn't like my boyfriend because he is not going into the army at first she didn't like him because he didn't have a job but now that he has a job she is still complaining & me & my boyfriend plan on being together for a long time. I just need some advice on what I should do? My friends say I should leave but I'm nervous.. I just dont want her calling constantly & coming to look for me, she wont even let me go stay with my dad for 1 month , i have to ask her to go every where...if i decide to leave my boyfriend is willing to come pick me up & take me to the airport, my step mom is willing to buy me a plane ticket because she understands what im goibg through, sometimes i think about just cutting my mom off. I would want to go stay with my grandma but she drinks to much & plus my mom said i cant go there either.. I leave for school august 19 & i graduate May,2013 & once graduate college i feel like im never coming back.My dad stays in Alabama so i would stay there for a month get a job then come back and transfer my job back to NC and when I come back I would stay at my boyfriends mom place until my boyfriend and my dad side of my family go on our trip to SC then i would go back to my moms.she pays my car insurance which is only $34 a month, so if I leave I won't have a car cause she is hiding my keys. So what should I do about a car too?? Thank you so much & sorry it's so long lol can you leave your email also so that I can talk more about it with you.! ( if you have a good answer
What do I do when I'm not happy at home , but scared to leave?2Alex L.2012-10-31 12:15:07
I've been married to my husband for almost 6 years, but I think I 'm falling in love with him. He gets angry with small things , breaking things , yelling , sometimes get verbally and physically violent and kids see it and are afraid of him. I want to go but I have total security ... a house , car, health insurance, and so on. I tried talking to him about getting help and will not ... WHAT DO I DO ?
Wanna know why I hate my mom?1Alyson2012-08-04 14:28:03
So this is really more of a rant than a question, but feel free to comment anyways. I need to get this off my chest. My mom is being such a ***** lately, I can't even stand to be around her. I get irritated whenever she talks to me and I don't even want to look at her face. Last year I booked a cruise with one of my friends and planned on going this June. I was going to pay for it all, and I had the cruise itself already payed off, $1,400. My moms part of the deal was that she would buy my plane ticket to get to Florida for the cruise and that would be my birthday present. My mom had 9 months to book my flight, and she never did. She procrastinated for so long until eventually I had to sell my spot. So I got my $1,400 bucks back. Then a couple months later my mom bought me my dream car. A Volkswagen bug. It's a 98' and she got it for a REALLY good deal, and considering she sold her other car that she never drove for more than she paid for mine, she came out on top. Now I had a car I could drive so she didn't have to drive me everywhere and she had 2,500 bucks that she didn't have before. I mean, the fact that I got my car makes up for the fact that I had to give up my cruise, so don't think I'm just being a spoiled brat. But here's where it gets ****** up for me. My mom told me I have to pay for my own insurance. Ok, cool, whatever. I'm fine with that. My mom had been planning on getting me a car for a while, so this was being discussed before I sold my spot on the cruise. she would constantly tell me that I needed to get a job to pay for my insurance. I tried, a lot. It's not easy to get a job at 16 right now, with all my limitations. Plus I have dance practice which makes it hard for someone to hire me with the limited hours I could work. But once I sold my cruise, my mom was like "cool, now you don't have to worry about getting a job right now, I'll put the money in your bank and just take out the money every month for your insurance. You'll have enough to pay for a years worth." awesome, I don't have to get a job, mom can stop nagging me, perfect. so my insurance is like $65 bucks a month, not even that expensive. and I was just thinking about it, 65x12 is like $780. Well, that means I have roughly 600 bucks left over to pay for whatever. Before I continue, my mom sold our house recently, after putting it up for sale less than a month before. Because it sold so fast, my mom didn't even have time to look for another house. So we are currently living at my grandmothers house where my mom and her boyfriend don't have to pay rent or any other bills like electric, water, etc. now my moms boyfriend makes good money and my mom makes pretty decent money considering her working conditions are easy as hell. she's a caregiver for my uncle who lives down the street, so she gets paid $1,500 a month just for taking him to the grocery store once a week. and she just got a raise, so she's probably making just a little more than that. Anyways, back to the point. My mom started nagging me about needing to try and find someway to make money again, because I still need to pay for my dance stuff, and everything else you could think of. Like, i'm 16 years old. I don't have a job, I don't have any income, and you expect me to pay for everything. Like I have to bother her for a week for her to buy me face wash. ******* FACE WASH. Seriously? It's like ever since I turned 16 she expects me to pay for everything. Like hello, I'm not an adult, i'm your child, your responsibility, do you expect me to pull money out of my ***? I mean, is my reasoning not logical? I just don't understand. She acts like she's so broke, and she's not. She has a job and currently doesn't have to pay for anything, and her boyfriends pays for everything anyways, so ... What the hell? Even my grandma agrees with me. Ugh, and I don't even get to use my own bank account either. my mom controls it, so I don't get to see what's happening with it. It's so frustrating, it's summer time and I constantly have to listen to my mom tell me how I need to make money. And if I do make any money doing odd jobs like babysitting or something, then she makes me give it to her to pay for stuff. What do I need to ******* pay for? and my mom's the type who is "always right". No matter what you say to her, she has an excuse for everything. And when it comes down to the point where she's too far under to make any more excuses, she's still right because "she's the mom". Uhm, no. That's not fair. But what can I do about it? Not a damn thing. Omg, I can't even stand her. She's just such a *****.? Sorry that it's so long, but I felt that if I didn't explain everything in full, people wouldn't be able to fully understand where I'm coming from.
Where do i go if i wanna if i can have children ? ?0Aliya2012-07-06 00:29:02
But ... I have no type of insurance or any other free clinics are there ?
I wanna ask about international driving ?0Rose2012-01-10 22:05:30
I am an international student in the UK and I have a good driving record at the rear hOme.can plz u tell me I can drive a car at the international driving license , I'm from Pakistan. And Plz let me know about cheap insurance for us. ? Thankx
Is driving easy i just wanna know?1Mongolia2012-07-13 01:23:02
I am only 14i just want to know if driving is easy?
Dvla wanna fine me 10Leopold2012-01-04 06:02:03
I just got a letter through because they did not notify me of my car is off the road, I 'm going to be fined
Im 14 and i wanna know how to get my license at 15 instead of a permit?15DET 2012-06-08 09:50:21
Im 14 and want to know how to get my license for 15 instead of a permit?

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