How do I resolve a lien on my motorcycle's title?

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I bought a fixer-upper motorcycle without a title from a friend, knowing that it was stolen ( vin search ) . MedlinePlus A couple of months ago I went to the tag office to try to register , or at least get a lost title application . They informed me that the bike was last registered in 2005 under an unknown name and the title of the last entry had a lien imposed GE Consumer Card Company . MedlinePlus I got a form that the lien holder must sign saying that the embargo has been resolved. MedlinePlus After searching in Google the company , the best thing I could imagine is that this is a subsidiary of GE Financial. MedlinePlus I then tried to contact them , I had my call outsourced to India , and it does not actually have an account with them , they do not say anything at all ( although I have not had the time to wait for a supervisor to talk to ( and I waited for 25 minutes before having to hang ) . MedlinePlus My question is : MedlinePlus What should I do ? MedlinePlus Who would be able to help me ? MedlinePlus The insurance company ? Lawyer ? WTF ? ! ? ! ? MedlinePlus Thank you !

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