Should I get birth control? 10 pts?

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So I turn 16 months ina few. My periods are irregular arrive every 1 ½ to 2 months sometimes every month. I had to come in the middle of thenight woke to heavy cramps and blood everywhere. My pain is so bad it feels like a knife is going through me. I have also f mine just before gym class literally started right after I entered the locker room whenn I had to run fast to the bathroom stall and grab my notebook I had in an emergency. I will end embarrassing and I never forget. My vagina hurts so on top of it. I will end my self in public bleeding I bleed through pads before luckily was not in public. My teacher does not allow interruptions during class bbathroom so only you can change every hours.eww 3. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I asked my mom about birth control for my situation I said no because I get cancer and unhealthy and sick when she took it. (Not at this time many methods have not said anything about giving birth control to cancer in health class. But I know that if taken over a long period of time you may have trouble getting pregnant while trying to having a baby or blood clots if u smoke. How I see it, is that states that you can get cancer by basically all the food we eat, we live evviroment MedlinePlus So I have no money, but I know you can get free birth control at Planned Parenthood but something feels wrong because we have insurance but can not cover it because it sucks (that may not even cover allergy shots I need) and if apply for free ****** sick to take control of people who do not haveinsurance. I'll have to lie and say I do not have insurance. Becuase. My mother will know. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So how I can get it for free? Do I just run there and go to the reception and would be heard as birth control? Should I fill out a form? Can I just ask for a form? After filling out the form below, what happens? I need a test? (I hate people touching me) I'm thinking of just going on the pill. Another reason also go on birth control is because it is myfriend pergnant and if I get a boyfriend (I really do not want to have sex 4 a while, but in case you do something stupid)

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