Can Auto Body installs USED parts for car fixing when Insurance pays for repair or must order only NEW PARTS? related questions

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Can Auto Body installs USED parts for car fixing when Insurance pays for repair or must order only NEW PARTS?2Melvin2016-06-26 23:02:31
This is a very common type of car is not a rare car .
How do you get your insurance company to repair a new vehicle with new original parts instead of used and aftermarket parts2?? Brandy Ï„-2012-11-05 05:03:02
How do you get your insurance company to repair a new vehicle with new original parts instead of used parts and aftermarket
Are auto body parts that are taken off covered by insurance for wind damage?0Ryan2012-07-19 18:04:02
I was changing my fuuel pump on my truck. we went to bed and stayed until striaght on the lawn. not done immediately. it was a couple of days before I got the new pump. one of those nights that passed over the bed rails and adjusted a bit. Id hate to complain and say it's their fault and raise my insurance premiums. I have full collision.
Can an Auto Insurance company force you to use aftermarket parts for repair in Connecticut?0haynaku2012-07-20 04:21:02
I had tire tread fly into my car on the highway. Tore the bumper and smashed the condenser. The insurance company has after market parts on the estimate, but I want to sell this car someday and want OEM. I'm pretty sure I am out of luck, but just wanted to make sure as this is my first time dealing with an incident. Thanks.
Insurance settlement on auto body repair: take the check or do the fixing?0Carter2012-07-21 18:25:02
Wife just had a car of 4 - pile-up accident. She was the second. The first car braked to avoid something and the woman tapped. Then the third car crashed into it ... So, here are the final results: First car a few small scratches. Vehicle wife, bonnet does not open. Some damage to front bumper and lamp. More damage to the rear bumper and some foam fell. The third car, airbags deployed, nearly a total loss. The room is a large truck, almost no damage. Police report said the first car had flaws too. I guess the front is our own fault. Back is the responsibility of the third vehicle. Advised by our insurance agent to fix the car at the time that could occur in our own policy and let insurance companies take time to settle. My insurance agent estimated that the damage is $ 500 front and rear is $ 650 and $ 650 gave us a check (minus the deductible of $ 500). The car is 1999 Corolla and still drives well. I doubt it's worth the 1000> $ for the facelift if there is no security problem. But one thing worries me a bit is the 5-6 drops at night, the car went under. You may have a drop from time to time before the accident. Adjuster said it was probably the coolant. Can not open the hood, unless you decided to repair there. So we're debating whether we should take control and find a body shop cheaper to secure the cover only, or locked in the designated body shop safe. If we go with the second, you'll pay $ 500 out of pocket. Go with the cheaper, $ 650 should be sufficient to secure the hood. But the problem is possible within the hood? Could the car frame damage?
Is insurance required to pay for new car parts if there are no older or recycled parts available?1hana2012-10-06 18:36:03
I was behind and insurance composition of the other person has agreed to cover the damage but the repair shop said it might not be able to find a muffler recycling or junkyard. If you have to install a new insurance says I have to pay the difference , once depreciation is factored in. I understand that insurance is only supposed to return the car to pre-accident condition , but should not have to pay for a new muffler if old one is not available? Why do I have to pay if it was not my fault?
Is it insurance fraud to replace OEM Car parts vs aftermarket parts?0lollicupy2012-08-05 01:21:03
My car was struck from behind damaging my 2 year old car bumper and the right back side of my car. I took my car to an auto body shop for an estimate and my insurance company provided a check (minus deduction). The estimate that was submitted to the insurance company has the cost to replace the OEM bumper (plus other damaged parts etc). Now that I have a check from the insurance company... Is it considered fraud to replace the bumper with an aftermarket bumper (used or made by a third party company to save money on the repairs? The original OEM bumper is not in stock and/or will take a while to get.
Body parts insurance claim possible?0Dark Archer 2012-03-03 17:07:39
I own Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS -i. Today parts of the body as the tank , fog , fins, etc. .. in fact, all the blue items are stolen. I can just claim insurance but the insurance company saying the body parts are not covered. Is this possible ? I mean if the bike is secured then the parties must also be insured . Furthermore, I have filed a police complaint and told the claim should be possible
I heard that celebrities insure their body parts...?1Mua2012-08-04 01:17:50
So I learned that some football players insured her legs for ridiculous amounts of money , as some singers with their voiceboxes . What would I be able to secure my brain in case something terrible happens in the future? I say this because I 'm a pretty smart guy !
How do insurance repair the custom parts from accident when not available?0Baldwi2012-05-30 13:12:41
Let's say you buy a custom wheel rims 4 my car . When an accident occurs and the fault of another driver and other driver's insurance pay for my car repair. Expected to be equal or better car and do go back on the road as it was before the accident. Unless the cost too much, then lost. However, my question is if I have more rare as 4 tires. Next accident happened , my wheel has an injury, so the body shop has to have a new custom tires that are exactly the same as what other 3 wheels custom style . Let's say that this part does not make it and is no longer available. What insurance will do? go ahead buy a different wheel , even those to which we will not match all my other 3 wheels ? It would seem strange to have a car with wheel style different from other 3.
Is there a home remedy for removing skin tags on different parts of the body?1Vidwatta2012-08-14 22:27:02
I had some removed by a doctor but health insurance does not cover that procedure. It is very costly.
My car insurance company wants to use recycled parts for a repair to my car. Is this legal?4Godfer2012-04-20 01:39:27
My car insurance company wants to use recycled parts to repair my car. Is this legal ?

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