Pl z help i am new user of human resourse management?

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1. Which of the following personality traits are associated MedlinePlus with people who are likely to exhibit violent behavior at work?
one. MedlinePlus Neurotic b. MedlinePlus optimistic c. MedlinePlus extravert d. Type MedlinePlus 2. Which of these suggestions is an effective way to deal with stress? MedlinePlus one. Meditation MedlinePlus b. MedlinePlus Exercise c. Talking with other MedlinePlus d. All options given MedlinePlus 3. In most large systems, that is responsible for reducing unsafe MedlinePlus working conditions and reducing unsafe acts of employees? MedlinePlus one. Chief executive officer MedlinePlus b. Chief security officer MedlinePlus c. The health and safety officer MedlinePlus d. MedlinePlus chief operating officer 4. Who distinguished between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation MedlinePlus motivation? MedlinePlus one. Frederick Taylor MedlinePlus b. Frederick Herzberg MedlinePlus c. David McClelland MedlinePlus d. Edward Deci MedlinePlus 5. Which of the following is classified as an indirect payment MedlinePlus part of the remuneration of the employee? MedlinePlus one. Wages MedlinePlus b. MedlinePlus salaries c. MedlinePlus employer-paid insurance d. MedlinePlus Commissions 6. Stress can affect not only your health but also other aspects of your MedlinePlus life. What else can be affected by stress? MedlinePlus one. Family relationships
b. Work performance MedlinePlus c. His attention to safety MedlinePlus d. All options given MedlinePlus 7. Unemployment benefits are typically about __________ percent of MedlinePlus a person gains and for__________ past.
one. 50; 26 weeks MedlinePlus b. 75, MedlinePlus one year c. 100; 2 years MedlinePlus d. 25; MedlinePlus 4 weeks 8. Unsafe acts can be reduced by following
all methods except: MedlinePlus one. Job rotation MedlinePlus b. Screening MedlinePlus c. MedlinePlus Training d. MedlinePlus incentive programs 9. Which one is the most common type of retirement plan? MedlinePlus one. MedlinePlus defined benefit b. ERISA MedlinePlus c. Defined contribution MedlinePlus d. The money purchase plan MedlinePlus 10. Which of the following statements is true regarding MedlinePlus monetary rewards in accordance with Herzberg

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