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When addictions escalate and the individual loses his or her job or drops out of school, _______________.
Money will never be an issue
This is a sign of a serious problem
They have more time in their day to do what is really important
Legal matters don't matter

2 If you enter a road from a driveway, alley or roadside you must:
Yield to vehicles already on the main road
Not worry about pedestrians; they will get out of the way
Accelerate as quickly as you can
Never turn left onto the roadway

3 How quickly a drug enters your bloodstream also depends on __________.
The time of day the drug was taken
The active ingredients in the drug
The amount of food eaten

4 In Florida, refusal to submit to testing (first offense) results in ______________.
A 6 month suspension
A 12 month suspension
A license revocation
A 30 day suspension

5 True or False: Weaving is a common clue to law enforcement that a driver is impaired.

6 If you are in a situation where drinks are being served, your first decision should be __________________.
To make sure everybody is having fun
To call the parents
To call the police
To think of your personal safety

7 Traffic jams, tailgaters, traffic restrictions, and slow-moving vehicles are examples of incidents and interactions that can cause _____________ by drivers on the roadway.
More time to reflect
Less commuting time to work or school
Lower stress levels

8 __________ is what gives meaning to our senses.
Motor ability

9 Across the U.S., alcohol-related crashes take the lives of our friends or family every _____________ minutes.

10 True or False: LSD is an example of a hallucinogen.

11 If you observe an impaired driver, a safe behavior for you would be ____________.
To pull beside the impaired driver and motion for him to pull over so you can offer to help him
To follow the vehicle
To pass that car as quickly as possible to get away from it
To increase the amount of space between you and the other vehicle and allow the impaired driver to proceed in front of you

12 Male drivers between the age of 16 and 20 with a BAL of _______________ are 52 times more likely to die is a single vehicle crash than a sober driver of the same age.

13 What is the difference in meaning between a crash and an accident?
Accidents happen when a driver is not paying close attention to traffic
Crashes cause vehicle insurance rates to go up. Accident damages don't.
An accident is something that is unavoidable. Crashes caused by poor driving are avoidable.
There is no difference. It is just a technical term.

14 Even with no alcohol in the driver's system, __________ can be affected.
Night vision
Reaction time

15 Which of the following is a 6-point driving infraction in the state of Florida?
Driving at an unlawful speed
Failing to obey a traffic control signal/sign/device
Caught with an open container of alcohol as an operator
Conviction for unlawful speeding that results in a collision

16 ________ is a common clue to law enforcement that a driver is impaired.
Showing the right-of-way
Driving in a straight line
Honking the horn

17 The effects of marijuana can last up to __________.
24 hours
48 hours
12 hours
6 hours

18 It is unlawful in the state of Florida for __________ to operate a motor vehicle without a safety belt.
Anyone under the age of 21
Anyone under the age of 25
Anyone under the age of 18

19 Alcohol has been found to adversely affect information process at BALs as low as .02 but certainly at ________________ or greater.

20 Many mixed drinks (Long Island Iced Tea, margaritas, etc.) have increased amounts of_______________ and one of these drinks may equal two, three, or more of a standard drink. The combination can decrease the perception of the driver.

21 Combining drugs usually leads to __________.
Increase in future doses
More intense effects
Negating the effects of all types taken
Increase in hunger

22 True or False: It is legal to pass in Florida if you believe it is safe, even if your view is obstructed.

23 There is a __________standard for signage, which uses symbols designed for quick and easy understanding.

24 With a BAL of .08-.099, a female driver age 16-20 is __________ more likely to die in a fatal crash than a sober female the same age.
10 times
25 times
15 times
20 times

25 What prohibits you from increasing your speed until the vehicle that is passing you has completed the passing maneuver?
Right-of-way laws
Common courtesy
Florida law
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  If you are a licensed driver and are under the age of 17, you may not operate a motor vehicle between the hours of ________________ unless you are accompanied by a driver, who is 21 years of age or older who holds a valid driver license, or you are driving to and from work
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