Is it right that a 30 year old that can afford health insurance can decide to buy a motorcycle instead and? related questions

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Is it right that a 30 year old that can afford health insurance can decide to buy a motorcycle instead and?0Pauline2012-09-20 04:32:02
make us pay for their year in intensive care when it shatters .
How will the current administration decide who can afford health insurance and who can not?3Patty Ann2012-10-09 17:28:02
If you are a family making 100K per year, but have enormous debt, will you be able to get free or reduced health care? What about the family that makes 50K but has zero debt or the young single person making 25K with no debt? How will they decide who can afford insurance or not? Are they still working out the details?
Will you let the American people decide for themselves, what insurance health plan that they can afford?1 집합 고유명사 2012-08-13 17:53:02
And if they can not pay what insurance companies are charging and not be penalized financially? As the state of Massachusetts is doing now.
I make 30000 per year and cant afford health insurance, am I screwed under obama care?2iya2012-10-14 23:01:02
I am a single person and make roughly 29-31000 per year (depending on overtimr). My job offers health insurance but I am already living paycheck to paycheck in a high cost of living state (NJ). Am I basically screwed by the yealth care mandate to pay their penalty?
Motorcycle people, help me decide?0Tharima2012-10-01 12:14:02
Receive R6S July 1 last summer , I had the S because it was my first bike , I'm still alive and want to upgrade , should I wait for the 09 R6 or just get the 08 R6 ? and what would be the difference between being safe an R6 and R1 ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus or should I get the GSXR 750?
How do you decide the amount of motorcycle insurance coverage you need1Anna2011-12-22 05:06:27
What determines the amount of motorcycle insurance coverage you need
Is it okay for me to give myself a year to decide if military is right for me?0Tosha2012-07-26 00:45:02
I'm currently 22, soon to be 23 in July. I have a girlfriend of 3 years who's 22. So far, I'm at a loss. I currently don't know what I want to do for a career. I wanted to get my degree in Sociology since I do enjoy studying what goes through people's minds and what makes them do the things they do independently and as a group. I was planning on getting an internship at the Mental Health Center and be an assistant counselor. If not, I would take any job that's not related to the degree I want to pursue in. That's pretty much what I see myself doing. It'll help build my counseling experience too and go forth to working on my masters whenever I feel ready. But I'm a bit insecure about whether or not I will get ANY job that pays a bit more than retail. Now, another side of me wants to provide for me and my girlfriend since we talked about marriage and all....and as time goes by, I can't imagine her working retail for a long time. We both retail, and we live with each other. She's about to go back into an Art college and work on getting her Interior Design degree, and I have no problems with that. So, other then wanting to be an assistant counselor, I know I just want to have a job where my girlfriend and I can just afford a roof over our heads and bills. That's it, but another part of me wants to earn more so we could put ourselves in a better being a firefighter or a dental assistant or something. That's why I'm at a loss here. She even has surgery coming up by the end of this year because of her cyst. Her parents will take care of it if her name goes through in her mom's new insurance. I'm at the point where I would sacrifice anything to put me and her in a better position than we are in now. We don't have much bills, and I support her for wanting to go back to school and finish up getting her Associates in Interior Design. We both see marriage in our lives and having kids....and I don't want things to slow those chances down. So, since my dad is a retired Navy officer, he suggest I join the military for the sake of having a secured job, benefits to go along with it, and early retirement (he's 42 now living life), especially if me and my girlfriend are married, she would be entitled to those which could help her with any other medical problem. But deploying is what I'm afraid of mentally. Being away from my girlfriend (or wife at that time) for 4 to 6 months? Heck...6 to a year, maybe a year and 3 months??? I'm afraid whether I can take that or not. So me and my girlfriend talked, and we decided that we can just take our time to see what's in store for us in the civilian life we're in for one more year. If it came to that point where military sounds beneficial in whatever position we're in a year from now, then I'll do it. This gives us time to think, because who knows, I might get an internship or something during school and I'll end up getting paid more than what retail is giving me. Waiting a year or a bit more just to see what will come within our lives doesn't hurt right?? This will just give us time to think wisely. I'm also going to take this opportunity to study the ASVAB and get back to working out at least just in case I do decide to go to the military in the near future.
I'm trying to decide between 20 vs 30 year term life insurance policy?0Jessicaa2012-08-11 22:15:39
I want to buy a policy from Life Ins term in order to leave some money for my children when I'm gone . I am a healthy 55 year old fem. I'm thinking of a policy of $ 250K . For a period of 20 years is $ 59.72/mo . For a 30 period is $ 198.52/mo . Suppose I will live beyond age 30. At that time I have to buy another term or convert to a lifetime, and most likely to get another medical examination ( at age 75 or 85). What long-term policy would be cheaper in the long term? I'm thinking of a more small ( $ 100K ) for 30 years at $ 92/mo to save money. What should I do ?
Why do some people think that of you can afford cable you can afford health insurance and care?1Teria2012-08-23 03:45:03
I don't know of any policy that is $100 or less and if you do have a policy that costs so little you are paying for every single thing you need done. That means people choose not to go to the doctor even when they have symptoms. The death rate for ovarian cancer is substantially higer if it's caught in late stages. Guess who most commonly dies from it? Women who are lower income but do not qualify for subsidized insurance.
I want to decide between AllState, Nationwide and StateFarm for 30-year Life Term Insurance. Please help.?4Louis2012-10-18 11:15:02
I want to decide between Allstate , Nationwide and StateFarm 30 years of Life Insurance. Please help . ?
Why is it people cant afford health insurance but can afford?0Lisa 1002012-07-18 09:09:03
Things like the latest Cell Phone, the latest Ipod, the internet, new computers, HDTVs, Cable TV with every pay channel available, new cars, clothes from the high priced stores at the mall, and of course "Bling Bling" whatever the hell that is.
What happens if you can't afford health insurance but you can't afford to pay the fines?1Ray S.2012-07-17 19:42:03
This law will turn honest Americans into criminals. Is that what Obama wants? Come get me.

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