Is it true the Government wants to keep people stupid so they can make free tax money? related questions

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Is it true the Government wants to keep people stupid so they can make free tax money?0Sarah Van Zandt2012-09-18 08:15:07
Look at the modern standard family portrayed on TV. Then look at the standard family portrayed in the 50s and 60s. The difference now is each family has to have both mother and father working in order to afford the bills of the family. Such as house payments, car payments, power, camping, and other family generated costs. Sometimes the costs are so much even the kids have to work by the time they turn 15. Our schools teach the nations students basic information and enough to let them become industrial workers. In other words start off at McDonalds and work up to higher pay warehouse jobs and so on. Even a person who goes to college will not have enough to support a family until they live together and put together their monies to afford a house and other. Those who live in apartments will never prosper as that high pay rent money does not focus on payment towards ownership. Our educational system is just one big prison. Cops in the hallways, having electronic searching devices at doors and, doctors and nurses who are reporters .....just like cops, teachers are reporters too....just like cops, not to mention your educational information is directly linked to the feds and military (which is both), you are not taught much about how to defend yourself from the legal system and more. The schools are directed by the federal and state government agencies to keep you stupid. That is defined in a short way. Schools make big money off of sports games, Federal grants as well as State grants. 75% of all home and property taxes goes to an education slush fund and schools are continuing to be built as well as the laws that are made to keep you in school so you as a person can be monitored by the government. Look back at the TV shows that portray a family of the 50s and 60s where the mother is at home doing her motherly deeds. The government saw this and intentionally made it so both mother and father had to work in order to afford these modern bills. How to get out of this rut? Some can catch on right away and make it big quickly after high school or 6 years of college to study to become an attorney, a doctor or other high profile jobs. There is no exception of those high profile jobs in order to make big money. Remember, your school makes money off of sports and other. YOU have the chance and choice to tell your principal what classes you want, what time you want them and what you want to learn. You are your teachers boss, as well as the principals. You have Constitutional Rights to stand up for and make your teachers and principals and hall monitors abide by them. No one can search you for any reason with out a court order. No school policy supersedes your rights nor does law. No matter what age you are protected by those first ten Constitutional Amendments. If you like someone and you want to kiss them in front of who ever or hug them.....that is your individual choices. Unless you break a law or a policy that is supported by a law and that law is supported by the Constutional are free to do, to wear, to kiss who and what ever you want. Each of you need show your teachers where they went wrong and support that with a good explanation. You need to tell the principal if you want me to play football or a sport that can harm me...then you pay me 1000 a week and full coverage medical insurance or you get nothing. You need to stand up and say what you want.....its your school and you out number the entire staff. Think about it, students on strike. YOU should and must be paid for any time you spend at school after that standard day of school. All your cheer leading, football gear, basket ball gear, gymnastics gear and other must be paid for by the school. Or, you dont participate. Remember, without your participation that school will not be recognized. Remember always, it is you who plays the game makes the school a big name and big money. Those things will continue to make you who you become in the future. Never think the school does not have the money for this or that. If they can spend 11 or more million bucks on building a school they have a bunch more to spend it on something else. And that something can be someone like you to live healthy as well as wealthy while your doing something for the school as well as your future. I have an issue about clothing policies in schools......What you wear is part of your culture, and creed and your natural way of life. Again, you are protected by the Constitutional Rights, so, if you want to wear ripped up clothes, mini skirts or halter tops, skin tight pants or a shirt with a pot leaf on have the right to express and say what you want as long as it harms no one else. That includes those people who wear their pants down to their knees (still looks like your running around with a Scmiddy diaper on) then you keep on saggin.
Would it make sense if the government offered everyone a free high deductible plan for free?1Edmonda2012-08-21 04:55:02
In other words, after paying the $ 5,000 deductible , the government would pay the rest of your bills. 5K, could support a family to declare bankruptcy And I do not think I would put the GVT in debt - not too much.
Is it true that people get fined if they don't use a government approved insurance plan?0crista2012-08-28 02:30:01
Is it true that people are fined if they do not use a government approved insurance plan ?
Is it true that if people are rich enough to not qualify for free health insurance, but too poor to actually..?1Meg2012-10-18 03:15:03 for health insurance, under Obamacare they will get fined and not get to have health insurance? For example, let's say I make $18,000 a year. That is NOT rich, but I would be too poor to reasonably pay for health insurance AND support a family. So, not only do I not have not have health insurance, BUT I get fined TOO.
Doesn't the Romney/Ryan Tax Plan really free people from the tyranny of government dependence?0Brittany snow2012-10-09 16:21:16
Under his plan , people with higher income , job creators , receive a lower tax rate . MedlinePlus The rest of us would not see any real increases or decreases . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The money will come from cuts in Medicare spending as Seniors pay a little more toward their health care and private ownership of the cuts to unemployment insurance , food stamps and other welfare programs that keep the poor shackled to the tyranny of the federal government . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In general , the less benefit you get from the tax cuts will cost more in other areas , as it should be . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Only when the working poor land is freed from the shackles of government agency can move forward to bring happy and productive life of free men and women .
Is it true people should keep their money in old 401k plans instead of rolling over into IRA due to liability?0Robin Busch2012-11-03 21:09:57
For example, no one can touch my money in a 401k, even if i am sued, file for bankruptcy, or have medical bills that are unpayable. But if my money was in an IRA (roth or traditional), the lawyers , the creditors, hospitals, courts, and insurance companies can get their greedy claws on my money very easily?
Does the government have the right to make people carry health insurance?1Marisela Cordova2012-08-26 09:58:18
The last time I checked , it was my business if I had and what kind of coverage you have. Liberals do not see it that way apparently
Will the government also make people go to doctors in addition to making them pay for health insurance?1Dixie2012-08-30 18:28:03
If you make health insurance mandatory , which also make it mandatory to give the health industry some businesses , plus the insurance premium ?
How will government raise the money needed to pay subsidies to let people and businesses buy health insurance?1taabbie2012-08-27 11:00:03
Is this money comes from fines imposed on those who do not buy health insurance? Or what the specific duties of the new will pay for that?
How can I make more money to get along with people?0khrys2012-09-25 14:15:03
Now I have two jobs ... One ' s for entry , the second for the health insurance . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I guess I really do not get out much . I'd rather spend time watching movies and cuddle snuggle with my man . I mean who does not like going out, but I think it is quite expensive , and just a status thing , I do not need to make my life livable . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm on a trip with some students very rich (which in my opinion does not make sense because I know it cost me a lot through college and **** still do) but spending money like I was going out of fashion . Silk dresses , massages three times a week , manicure , pedicure , shoes, bags , bar hopping , and this is a trip. You can not afford to do all these things and I feel sorry when I say no, no, thank you, or I'm on a budget. I thought that most students have a budget. They wonder why they can not afford to go from bar to bar with them and it's embarrassing . 2 I have some jobs , I live on my own ( like most normal people , so I'm not complaining , I have no help from my parents , because I have 23 years and I know what money is and work and background parents no end for me and only me ) and am very independent . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Where does all this money ? They work at water parks and hot dog stands ( I asked ) during the summer ? Am I not doing enough ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do I have confidence in knowing that I can make a living , or feel worthless because of it ? MedlinePlus I'm ashamed of my financial situation , and perhaps should not even be at all. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What should I do ?
Do you think people that make $87k a year should get your tax money to pay for their health insurance?0kkk2012-09-10 21:04:02
In families Senate Health care bill of 4 making less than $ 88K a year are eligible for government subsidies for health care . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It's less than $ 88k now considered poverty in the U.S. ?
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