Why Floridian economy is so bad?? we spent more that we earn to live a normal live.? related questions

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Why Floridian economy is so bad?? we spent more that we earn to live a normal live.?0jdgirl2012-09-16 23:12:04
I moved to Los Angeles , California to Miami , Florida two years ago , all I see here is a lot of local people in big debts and awarded , victims of property fever . For example , home insurance is more expensive here than anywhere else. I think the only way to survive is Florida , if you work in New York or California , and buy a place here . Because no one 's salary can local Floridian
Why Floridian economy is so bad?? we spent more that we earn to live a normal live.?0montgomery2012-07-29 13:43:59
I moved from L.A., California to Miami, Florida 2 years ago, the only thing that I see here is a lot local people in foreclosed and big debts, victims of Real Estate fever. For example Home insurance is more expensive here that any where else. I think the only way to survive Florida is if you work in NYC or CA and buy a place here. Because with the Floridian local salary nobody can
How can someone live a happy, normal life in the future in America, is this even possible? HOW TO BE HAPPY?0mohan2012-09-21 23:21:02
The world appears as a dark , terrible at the moment and does not look like it will never get better . Resources are scarce , prices and debts getting too high , wages low , I just want a job one day , insurance , food , children , a lover , a life with friends , but I feel like I'll never have anything this : (War with Iran , mass suicides , I know that sounds like a downer , but idk , what do you think ?
I'm getting kicked out and have no where to live. Where is there a place I can live in my car at?1ã‚‚ Memory 2012-03-27 14:21:02
I thought I'll just live in my car for now. Will I get in trouble if I stay in the parking lot of Wal -Mart or something?
Should people who live unhealthy lifestyles have to pay more for insurance than people who live healthy lifest1DaRk Dai Lo 2012-09-23 01:11:03
yles ? I think so .. My uncle Don never take care of himself . Two quarterpounders , large french fries and a Coke was his custom twice daily , lunch of your choice. He probably saw a doctor 15times a year and had exceptional health insurance . He admitted it would be healthy if not overweight 250pounds . He said that's what doctors are there. I always take care of myself. I'm not overweight , not smoking , drinking and have never used illicit drugs.
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I live with my dad but he works out of town and my mom live in the same town!!can I still get a hardship lic.?0horse2012-01-15 22:27:53
I live with my dad, but he works out of town and my mom lives in the same city ! Can I still get a public difficulties. ?
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Live Help1Casta2012-01-09 21:50:19
I sent my question to help live yesterday and have not heard back anything? Is not it 24 / 7 help? [ EM6 ] [ em12 ]
I want to live by myself at the age of 18?0guitarman2012-09-19 22:52:02
ok in about 6 months from now ill be 18. I live northeast pa , i do not care about the house so much .. so it can be crap as hell . I want to know how much of an hour or an identifier of year have to do to keep me MedlinePlus rent , ultities , taxes , insurance , food and other bills MedlinePlus give me a general idea of how much id need when im 18
Where would you live if...?1Malaya2012-07-20 13:48:02
I presented an idea today that Anna has not yet accepted . I want her to leave Wal -Mart and stay home with me. We would like to buy individual health insurance for her to sell our home and move north , probably back to Kansas City Kansas. There are a lot of office if their criteria is the largest North. ? No mortgage on our house on the list of tax of $ 225,000 so even if a discount is to be left with a good piece. ? If your only priority was to move north , where it moves and why? And how I can or should I convince my wife this is the way forward?
I LIVE IN NH AND I DON0Azn Princesst 2012-08-09 23:45:04
Some people told me that I can go to jail or lost my home in that case.

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