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Can Apple Know That My Phone Is Jailbroken?1Smith Rai2012-11-03 22:29:02
I wonder if Apple would be able to tell whether or not my iPhone 4s is jail broken. I am currently weighing the odds of whether or not it is worth it. I have an insurance plan for my phone . This is a 50 dollar deductible. If my phone got messed up cuz of jailbreak , could jus put it in water , fry and then bring it and exchange it for a new phone? Or they could say it was released ? And what would be the penalty for jailbreaking ( fines , penalty shots , etc ) ?
I had a jailbroken iPhone 4s but I updated the software and it unjailbroke it would Verizon or apple know?0Lizet2012-07-14 13:50:02
The apple or Verizon because I know if I jailbroke my iPhone been running very slow and I have insurance on it and if I knew I had jailbroke then the insurance is canceled
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My iphone 3gs got stolen & the phone is from AT&T. I have insurance on the phone, can i get a new free phone?0Vows, [Me` Yan -2012-11-01 01:45:02
Does Mobile Phone insurance cover the Phone number or the phone itself?0Selena G2012-07-13 09:27:02
I broke the slope of the attention a while back , and not buy insurance from it. So my mom came up with the idea of ​​changing our phones and see if we can not get them to replace mine .
Warranty for Apple's Macbook Pro?0Chris2012-07-04 19:41:02
I bought my Macbook Pro last June & it came with the 1 year warranty thing. However, when I bought it they suggested that I should have bought the separate warranty or insurance? I think I can only buy that within the first year or else it would cost more to buy it after that. Am I wrong? If so, what other warranties are available for me to buy for my macbook before it reaches the one year?! Thanks
Apple return policies?0pony2012-07-04 15:01:02
I have a 15 inch macbook pro that I got in February. Is it possible that I can swap it to a 13 inch Macbook Pro? I have the 2011 generation and I was wondering if I could switch to the 2011 13 inch.
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Apple Iphone 4s cracked in less than 1 week!?0Alley2012-08-20 18:15:03
Okay so I just barely got my Iphone 4s through sams club cellular service, 1 week later it falls of my bed and hits my friend in his head and cracks the back. IT WAS A 2 FOOT FALL! Anyways, I was wondering what I could do, its a minor crack but still I payed 200 dollars I don't want it looking like that. Also the samsclub guy said that if maybe it had a manufacture defect or I just plain didn't like it or wanted to trade it in for a black version, I could with in a month. I called and another person said other wise, i don't feel like buying insurance for 100 and paying another 50 to get it fixed. What can I do?? I have an app at the apple store tomorrow but im pretty sure they won't do **** for free. please help1!!!
If I have insurance for my iPhone4, can I get a new one from the Apple store?0Yessica2012-08-03 04:58:52
When I bought my iPhone4, I bought the insurance for it as well. The problem I have with my phone is I think the home button is kind of broken? Sometimes, I have to click it 2 or 3 times to get back to my home screen.

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