Got hit by another car but he gave me a fake insurance card. what can i do? related questions

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Got hit by another car but he gave me a fake insurance card. what can i do?20Akron Oh2018-11-22 00:33:09
I have your VIN number . If I find the paper plate I can do anything . I think this guy was an immigrant
If i gave a fake insurance to the dmv in the state of california do i go to jail;?6Luthe2012-05-21 10:31:07
If I got an insurance fraud to the DMV in California , I can go to jail ?
Fake insurance card?2Alberta2012-07-01 22:09:03
I've heard of people making false insurance cards to fool the DMV and get the car registered here in CA? any work for the DMV .. How do away w / this ? It is even checked .
How can i get a fake insurance card online??8Gabrielle2012-04-30 07:42:16
a friend told me I could and I have to get my car registered!
Can you fake an insurance card or change the date on the one you have?8Taylor2017-11-21 21:25:43
I just faxed before taking the car insurance.My broke, so let the insurance lapse and I was unemployed.
Fake Insurance card for court in ILLINOIS?8Shreya2018-02-05 08:07:43
I was pulled over in May for having 2 different plates on my car. I was given a ticket for no proof of insurance. Do they call your insurance company to varify it is valid and the date it was effective when you go to court?? I know people who have used fake cards and got away with it, but im nervous they now check if its valid since alot of people have been caught as fraud.
How to make a fake auto insurance card?0stepahnie2012-07-26 21:41:02
No, not what you think. My father moved to a new neighborhood, and in order for me to get a sticker to let me in the door , I have to show proof of insurance with the direction of new homes. The problem ? Insurance is the name of my mother who lives elsewhere and where does it qualifies to let me in and out of this neighborhood. I have the actual insurance , but I can not change the direction of new housing , because she will not let me .
Will an uninsured person that not at fault get in-trouble when ask by a police officer for a insurance card and gave the officer the card that is up to date but not paid to date0grouse2011-12-13 07:49:01
Can i give a fake report card to the insurance company?1V2012-09-02 11:29:02
I changed my report card to show my parents good grades. Now I want my report card to send to the insurance company. I send a fake or what should I do
I got in a car accident and the other guy was in a company car. They only gave me a business card. Enough?6 부정 2012-05-27 00:31:08
I'm in Sacramento , CA, if that helps. The driver refused to give any information about it. A person of his company came and handed me a business card, I got the plate number. I was told that is all you need and the company will handle it . What information should I have received from someone who drives a company car ?
If I use the health insurance card my parents gave me will they see that I've used it?0Grove2012-05-07 23:12:27
I want to go to private clinic , but if I use my insurance card I'm afraid my parents to see some kind of record that was gone. Where I go , I can pay in advance.
Why did a police officer charge me for not having an insurance card, after I gave him it?0Merli2012-08-21 12:54:02
Tonight was stopped by a police officer in a residential neighborhood , and since it was the first time that had happened , I was a little nervous , not to mention unsure of how to proceed. When asked for my license , registration and insurance , gave him my license and registration , but it really confuses me that my mother had my insurance card ( mistaking my health insurance card that my mother had taken the previous day to pay my doctor) . I wondered why a doctor would have my auto insurance , and then commanded to " try again ." I came really puzzled look down and see my auto insurance card in the plastic on my last log in. I understand , I handed the officer asked if that was correct , and he took up insurance card and left with the three without a word. He returned a few minutes later and handed me a citation for not having my insurance documents . Happy to have done , thanked him and left, but then curious what int he world just happened I called my parents . My mom asked if insurance was up, I said no . She was also confused as to why the officer gave me this to not have my card , even though I did, after some initial confusion , but before we even left the side of my car for the first time . Any idea why they charged me with this?

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