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How would you solve healthcare?0Tech Tiger2012-09-10 08:40:03
What I think what should be done first to eliminate these health insurance companies. These guys are the problem with the prices. The more things you say, the higher the price of the service becomes secure, so that your insurance higher, than the richest. They can also increase the price of everything you want, making it even richer. Note that these private companies working for profit, not for you, and since the prices are so high that they need insurance to pay for health care or go into debt, companies have little or no competition between the price of insurance price and pay your bill without insurance.Back then when no health insurance, the prices were very low health insurance until bedtime. Then you must create a sort of state-funded insurance (such as Medicaid) which is funded by the taxpayer, and only covers very few things (for example, life-threatening situations and / or services that can detect such situations before they occur). So the poor not only because they can afford and not opportunistic. So now there are healthcare companies to lower prices in the insurance does not cover services, as companies of medicine / drugs will have to lower their prices, at a pace where people are out there willing to pay out of pocket money for that service. Also, tell the doctor and the patient to determine which drug to prescribe, not the drug companies. And also these pharmaceutical companies need more competition to keep prices lower. So we buy medicine health care around the world, so will prices medical companies to further reducing the cost of medical care. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now before Republicans say the first part is socialism and can not require people to buy something, let me start by saying that insurance is no less socialist than my idea, in fact, insurance is more socialist. Your premiums go into a big pool of money to pay for other medical expenses. So if against the first part of my plan of what we are against health insurance. Also if it is unconstitutional to force people to buy something, I suppose that taxes are unconstitutional, because the taxes required to pay for all sorts of things. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Yes, I will admit that your tax return may be higher, but it sure is paying far less for their insurance, which means more money in your wallet. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So give me your thoughts and comments on my solution and if you wish, your solution MedlinePlus! MedlinePlus Sorry if I offended some conservatives here
T/F: Obamacare doesn't provide free healthcare; it requires people to have healthcare insurance?1Donnie2012-10-05 07:45:03
so they can pay for themselves ?
Did the Healthcare Reform Bill create a Due Process property interest in healthcare?0I REALLY NEED HELP!2012-09-25 09:15:03
States all over the country are cutting health plans for retirees. Normally, defined levels of coverage under a state health insurance plan do not have procedural due process protections similar to the entitlements for welfare under Goldberg v. Kelly. Such claims are usually brought under a state breach of contract claim rather than a Federal Due Process claim. My question is whether the new Healthcare Reform Bill could be construed to have granted entitlement to certain healthcare benefits such that denial or revocation would require a hearing similar to that proscribed in Goldberg v. Kelly. If so, does it start now, or does it take effect at a later date?
Is Hillary for improved healthcare - or just total government control of healthcare?0Econ Gal2012-08-02 04:29:53
Look at these votes she made: She voted against providing seniors with a prescription drug benefit. She voted against allowing people to save tax free for their out-of-pocket medical expenses. She voted against medical liability reform so that docs are not forced out of practice by junk lawsuits. She opposes leveling the playing field so that people who pay for health insurance out of their own pocket get the same tax break the big corporations get for providing health care benefits to their employees. She's against allowing people to shop for health insurance across state lines like we do with auto insurance so the consumers would have more choices and there'd be competition to get your business, give you more for less. She's voting for penalizing seniors who have those private health care plans through Medicare.
If we took healthcare from Romney and his family, would he then be backing healthcare?0kill a mockingbird2012-07-17 02:52:03
Of course you would , with the ignorance of their voters. It's not about Romney 's health he is laughing at the stupidity of his followers. Its about power and greed. What would you say if the insurance company denied his wife treatment for MS? Oh , he has everything you need and you might as well say that The Little People eat cake
Which is better for the US, Corporate Healthcare or National Healthcare System?0Nisey2012-10-29 02:45:04
What is keeping the United States from having a Universal Healthcare System like other civilized developed countries? Is Obamacare taking things foward to achieving that goal? With for-profit hospitals and clinics, the government spends more money and there is sometimes medical neglect (like there is at CRC Health Group and UHS facilities ) and from the insurance companies. I don't think this would happen under a National Healthcare System.
How bad will Obamacare ration healthcare? We never rationed healthcare before so...?1RaeAnne2012-10-10 13:15:02
....what new changes will we see? How many people do you think will die because of this? Has there been an estimate released by insurance companies?
Winston Churchill was a Bolshevik on Healthcare? Does Granny know Churchill helped launch universal healthcare?0Jo2012-08-27 18:14:02
..... Britain? MedlinePlus Maybe if she did, she would stay home and stop making a fool of yourself in the local council ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
Please help me solve this..?0mhaidar91082012-07-10 03:42:47
Income statement and balance sheet ....... 198,000 Cash Accounts receivable 300,000 78,000 Inventories Prepaid expense insurance 4000 Sources of 2,000 100,000 Furniture Accumulated depreciation , furniture 60,000 Build 250,000 Accumulated depreciation , construction of 140,000 Accounts payable 310,000 Salaries payable 5,000 Unearned Service Revenue 13,000 Notes payable ($ 12,000 for the current year ) 40,000 Mortgage payable (1/3 is due in the current year ) 30,000 Retained earnings 293,000 Dividends 65000 Service revenues 300,000 Professional fees 30,000 income Salary expense 170,000 Sources of expenditure 4000 Depreciation expense , furniture 20,000 Depreciation expense , the construction of 11,000 Rent expense 9000 Interest expense 7,000 Coast Utilities 3000
Help solve this application?0sylvana2012-11-01 03:45:04
Johnson Insurance offers 2 health plans. Plan1 Deana would have to pay the first $80 of medical bills plus 35% of the rest. Plan2 Deana would have to pay the first $230 then 30% of the rest. For what amount of medical bills will plan 2 save Deana money? Assume she has over $230 in bills.
Can anyone solve this CGT question?0lyne2012-08-03 07:52:51
The September 30, 1991 John bought an investment property . The property cost $ 150,000. He consulted his accountant about the purchase and this advice cost him $ 500 in September 1991. Also paid stamp duty of $ 3,150 in October 1991. John used a loan to purchase the property, paying stamp duty on $ 250 loan in January 1992. The property was sold in September 2008 for $ 280,000. The costs associated with the sale includes the commission of $ 6,750 paid to the realtor who sold the property and advertising of $ 600. Both of these expenses were paid in September 2008. In December 1994 John
How to solve poverty?1Vinci2012-10-05 04:50:02
Poverty Poverty is the biggest problem in the third world in this century In Abu Dhabi we solved this problem in this way First ISLAM encouraged people to do any honest clean job because there is no shame in honest work

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