What type of things should you list as "Specified Contents", in your home contents insurance policy? related questions

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What type of things should you list as "Specified Contents", in your home contents insurance policy?0winta2012-09-03 17:14:02
What kind of things should be listed as " specified contents " in your home insurance policy content ?
Home contents list?0Hali2012-08-30 00:04:13
want to find a good free program that lets me list all the things in our house for sure. Used to have HomeWise but not sure if you can still get it? ? ? thanks
Is there any home insurance for buildings & contents, which covers both owner & tenant type of occupiers?0Help needed2012-07-31 01:46:55
This is my first home in South East Engalnd which I took using "First Time Buyer" mortgage. I have an opportunity to give my property for rent for few months when I work in other part of the UK. My current home insurance states that the occupier is a home owner-mortgage. So this insurance will be void if I rent my property. Most of the insurance covers available in the UK cover either owner or tenant ccupier, but not both. As this is for few months, I want to take some insurance which covers both type of occupiers. Is there any such insurance available in UK which does not bother about the occupier of the property, eventhough the premium is somewaht higher ?
Anyone else had to pay a cancellation fee when cancelling a home contents policy?1Yolanda2012-05-10 14:36:13
I just canceled a policy mid-term and had to pay
Fire insurance claims,would you fudge a little on the contents list to make sure that you receive max pay out?1Scoobydoo2012-09-13 06:04:04
we had coverage for 87,000 and i dont think it will add up after they depreciate everything,but cant replace for that
What type of building and contents insurance should i get?1sorrymypostissolong:)2012-09-23 02:02:03
What do I need ? What kind of coverage? I live in an area where crime i scratch so I should reduce the amount of coverage ? Thank you.
Will my home owers insurance cover contents stolen from my car if my car was parked away from my home?3Mandy2012-08-28 22:38:03
Will my home insurance pray cover the contents stolen from my car if my car was parked away from home ?
I own a mobile home but I only want to insure the contents,do I need to purchase home or renters insurance?1Madeleine2012-10-22 04:57:02
I own a mobile home , but just want to ensure the content , why should I buy a home or renters insurance ?
Can my home and contents insurers do this?0Meemee Romulus2012-09-08 16:09:02
I am claiming on my insurance storm damage to my patio table, umbrella and one of my 6 chairs . Aviva will not replace the complete series only damaged items . Now , that means you will not have a matching set . Is 12 mths old and cost
UK Home contents insurance?0Capone2012-07-29 05:46:59
I am in the UK and is home contents insurance. Outside my back door is the responsibility of the Council , who rent the house is a door from.It very badly flawed , blockage of a square box type in it and a big gap at the edges. where it can be appreciated open, it has kicked in Still having insurance if someone broke in through that door? It is a shed type door . I can allow to replace the door myself. Thank you.
How much would my home contents insurance be?0Mhyree2012-07-10 23:43:11
I know this is relative but with contents worth
Home contents insurance help??0Alan Zamora2012-09-12 16:15:02
Hi .. told us last week that we will agree damaged tv ! yesterday our claims manager asked if you have had continuous insurance ! I said no as now (insured for 3 months) , had no insurance for about 6/7 years .. He says he 's fine , but it will make a diff to our claim? thanks

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