Can a A Person with Adhd Problems be Successful?

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In short I do not want fame ... but people really seem to think that good things when I actually sometimes not really but just bein on TV ... and even when I was in 11yr I wanted to advertise itself .. but sometimes I do not know if I want to go to school for theater ... I like going to the theater and just tonight and went to a game that was here in Michigan ... tyler perry play and his works are becoming repetitive ... but ... feels like watching life pass me by almost 4yr step because i havent really good about a backup plan ... one that does not want to say goodbye to trying to do what I think as I think an interest in being a TMZ reporter is a learnin experience for me, but otherwise I have anxiety and social problems ... has really influenced my life a teenage boy ... as I was not motivated and I really do not want to be any activity ... and I believe that as an adult I have to start makin options ... and seriously, because this is my life now I can not let any living organism that I ... but I'm a little lost right now ... and when I see the commercials as if your car insurance with the lady that I do Improv as if you were talking to me, but I like "m shy to do Class ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But I usally just get inspired by the drama and when I go to the theater Peices or surveillance programs ... as I would go to a call castin extras not be seen by the cameras just to be part of it ... I like the energy when I go to the theater and you get no lines .... but to be apart of the background of a movie that sentiment seems as magical as the crowd not only looks like that ... even stage ... i study the landscape back ground whoole cast ... more ... one when it comes journalism ... I do ... speakin and give interviews but im a little anxious that because speaking is not my thing never was ... but sorta want change and leave my MedlinePlus element MedlinePlus So yes I am 22yr and I can not let my family members who will go to college out of state or have a career going for them .... I feel lefted out ... and only a vague .. n is how I try to grab every opportunity I can while I have 22 years next month because I will be 23yr .... and my short-term goal is to have a job ... a long term. ... uhhm to be successful and good speaker ...

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