Accounting Help please?.... I need to see if iv gotten the correct answers.? related questions

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Accounting Help please?.... I need to see if iv gotten the correct answers.?1derrica2016-11-19 18:49:07
Identify each of the following expenditures from a Land ) , B ) land improvements , C ) , D ) Machinery and equipment Buildings or E ) represents another MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1) The cost of paving parking for employees and customers 2) Insurance during construction of the building from MedlinePlus 3) intrest loan incurred during construction of building MedlinePlus 4) Fee paid for the installation of MedlinePlus 5) special foundation for new equipment purchased MedlinePlus 6) Security of new equipment while in transit MedlinePlus 7) Transport costs in new equipment MedlinePlus 8) cost of repairing damage to equipment during installation vandalism MedlinePlus 9) sales tax on new equipment MedlinePlus 10) Costs incurred in repairing the damage caused by the installation of new equipment MedlinePlus 11) the purchase of land for the construction of filling MedlinePlus site 12) cost of lubricating oil purchased for regular oil changes for equipment MedlinePlus 13) parking light MedlinePlus 14) Installing a fence around parking MedlinePlus 15) repaint the trim on a building MedlinePlus 16) Evaluation attention to the city for the extension of water main on property MedlinePlus 17) cost of the demolition and removal of the old building on the property acquired by a work MedlinePlus 18) delinquent real estate taxes paid by the buyer of the property acquired by a work MedlinePlus 19) Lawyers fee for title search MedlinePlus 20) Archtiects payment for building plans and construction supervision
Choose the correct answers.?1lizard2012-10-26 11:24:02
Dilford Jane receives a student rate of $ 30.00 a month for health insurance. There is a $ 250 deductible , but coinsurance payment . Recently been treated for a covered condition . The bill was $ 2,550.00 insurance company Jane provided the payment of 80 % of the bill minus the deductible. What was the payment of the company ? $ A) 2040.00 B) 1840.00 What was the total cost of Jane ( not including the premium )? $ A) 710.00 B) 510.00
Helppp i know some of the answers but i just wanna be correct?3Mike Homework Help2017-07-26 19:12:05
Alcohol changes your ability to respond to emergency situations . MedlinePlus a) true MedlinePlus b ) false MedlinePlus The least dangerous sedative multiple use is the additive factor MedlinePlus a) true MedlinePlus b ) false MedlinePlus Hallucinogens are a type of drug that causes distortion of the drivers______ . MedlinePlus a) the mood MedlinePlus b) the reaction time slows MedlinePlus c ) The causes of the lack of coordination MedlinePlus d ) all of the above . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 99.1% of all crashes are due to operator error . MedlinePlus a) true MedlinePlus b ) false MedlinePlus Defense mechanisms such as denial and sabotage decisions to stop repression MedlinePlus a) true MedlinePlus b ) false MedlinePlus The positive aspects of stress are_______ . MedlinePlus a) flavor b ) The challenge MedlinePlus c ) the opportunity to MedlinePlus d ) all of the above MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Your driving privilege will be revoked least____ years if you kill someone . MedlinePlus a) four MedlinePlus b ) three MedlinePlus c ) two MedlinePlus d) a MedlinePlus liver
WOrd prOblems....10 POINTS FOR CORRECT ANSWERS! =)?0Sia2012-11-04 20:42:34
The body mass index, I, can be used to determine an individuals risk for heart disease. An index less than 25 indicates a low risk. The body mass index is given by the formula, or model, I=200W over H to the 2 power, where w=weight in pounds, and h=height, in inches. Francis weishs 184 pounds and stands 73 inches tall. What is his approximate body mass index? Find an inequality describing all weights W that Francis can have and be in the low-risk category. ALSO: Bayside Insurance offers two health plans. Under plan A, Giselle would have to pay the first $130 of her medical bills, plus 35% of the rest. Under plan B, Giselle would pay the first $220, but only 30% of the rest. For what amount of medical bills will plan B save Giselle money? Assume she has over $200 in bills.
Help check over accounting answers please?0janel2012-08-03 02:36:02
Sort the direct or indirect costs then fixed or variable Lease for the construction of the plant IF Leasing office space F Leasing of plant equipment I F Total insurance premium
What are the correct accounting entries for tax & insurance pmts from a nonaccrual loan?0Lalt2012-07-26 17:11:01
The loan has not been charged out yet. However, taxes and insurance payments are due. This is a real estate loan . The loan balance is equal to 100 % of capital as the property value has decreased. Should I collect the loan balance keeping the "charges " that lead to the loan , so when we paid it off, I have all the costs? Thanks to all
Probability problem. im not sure whether my answer correct or not. i got 0.09. is it correct?2Dara2017-01-04 23:09:19
An insurance company is in its auto insurance customers and believes that (a ) any guarantee at least one car , ( B ) 85 % said more than one car , ( C ) 23% say a sports car , ( D ) 17 % said more than one car , including a sports car. Find the probability that a randomly selected customer insures exactly one car and is not a sports car.
Accounting Help - Accounting Question?1niel2018-01-24 18:00:02
P10 -5A Fordyce electronics issues $ 400,000 , 8% of 10 year mortgage note on December 31, 2010 . The proceeds of the note will be used to finance a new research laboratory. The terms of the note provide semiannual payments , excluding property taxes and insurance, $ 29,433 . Payments are due on June 30 and December 31 . Complete schedule of installment payments during the first 2 years. ( Round answers to 0 decimal places, eg 125. Use rounded amounts for future calculations . ) Semiannual Interest Period Cash payment Interest expenses reduction of Home Balance Date of issue $ $ 1 2 3 4 Prepare the entries for (1) the loan and (2) the first two installments. ( For multiple debit / credit entries quantities listed in descending eg 10 , 5, 3, 2. Response and back to 0 decimal places, eg 125. ) Date Account / Description Debit Credit 2010 December 31 2011 June 30 December 31 Show how the total liability of the mortgage must be reported on the balance sheet at December 31, 2011 . ( Response and back to 0 decimal places, eg , 125. ) Current liabilities 12/31/11 Long-term debt
Is "on here" correct?0goldfinch2012-05-14 01:02:59
It is " here " correct ?
Which is correct She came by car? or She came by her car?5Blythe2012-09-29 19:45:03
Which is correct came by car? He or she approached his car?
Is this correct 15-b16-c17-a and 18 is b?0cayman2012-08-08 07:15:02
15 . Which of the following best describes term life insurance ? A. The insured is covered for their entire lifetime. B. The insured pays the premium until his death. C. The insured pays a premium for a given number of years. D. The insured can borrow or collect the cash value of the policy. 16 . All insurance is based on a principle called A. premium income . B. investment premiums . Division C of risk. D. Cash value hedge . 17 . In a health insurance policy , a statement that the applicant will not be covered by some pre-existing condition is called a / an A. exclusion. B. supplement. C. waiting period. D. Major medical coverage . 18 . Coverage includes an auto insurance policy that covers property damage is _______ insurance . A. supplementary B. responsibility C. Major Medical D. term
Was I correct calling the cop on these teenagers?3ra2012-10-04 11:15:02
The teenagers were playing on the road in front of my house . I was on the Internet. All was quiet only coqui frogs were making lots of noise . These teens were getting more vocal noisy due to play a little football on the road and in front of a business area. I could not take it anymore , especially when the ball went to my property and the 2nd time the ball hit my son 's car , the alarm went on . My son came and went. At that point I called the non-emergency to report the incident . A policeman came to talk to me. I told them not want to cause conflict, but I could not take it anymore , especially when they come to retrieve his ball on my property that is considered private property. I felt bad calling the police , but I had to report if any damage was done . At least this way if I had any damage that could bring harm to my insurance. Sometimes , calling the police relieves the situation. The police spoke with adolescents. So far so good !

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