Bad Pain and Movement in my lower left quadrant!! Please Help.? related questions

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Bad Pain and Movement in my lower left quadrant!! Please Help.?0Quella2012-08-27 00:48:17
I woke up on Thursday 28 with very bad pains in the lower left stomach , near my ovary. My right side is affecting some , but not as bad as the left side . It feels like something out buldging and sharp pains are horrible . It also feels like something is moving in my stomach like a baby kicking but I'm not pregnant. My stomach is swollen all . The pains are worse when I get up to walk and especially when I have to bend over and if I move a certain way . It hurts if I lay on my stomach and sides. Ive already had my gallbladder and appendix removed about 2-3 years. I have really wanted to go to the doctor for it , but I have no health insurance and I can not pay medical bills ! Does anyone know what it could be ? I've always had a lot of stomach problems , but I've never had this type of pain or feeling before! I was told in January 2012 that I have a tumor on my left side , near my kidney. We performed a needle biopsy to see if it was benign , which it was. Im hurting near where the biopsy was done . I do not know if it is possible or not, but a tumor can be released by any chance? If so what if it does ? I feel the best move when Im walking or bending . I do not know what it could be , but I need answers fast plz ! Im going to try to see a doctor at my local health department this week .
Bad pain and movement feelings on the lower left side of my stomach, its not gas!?0Akram2012-07-09 09:50:11
I woke up this morning with really bad pains in my lower left stomach, near my ovary. My right side is hurting a little bit but not nearly as bad as the left side. It feels like something is buldging out and the sharp pains are horrible. It also feels as if something is moving in my stomach like a baby kicking but Im not pregnant. My whole stomach is bloated. The pains get worse when I get up to walk around and especially when I have to bend over and if I move a certain way. It hurts if I lay on my stomach or my sides. Ive already had my gallbladder and appendix removed around 2-3 years ago. I really wanna go to the doctor for it but I dont have health insurance and Im not able to pay the medical bills! Does anyone know what this could be? Ive always had alot of stomach problems but Ive never had this type of pain or feeling before! Please Help!
Pain in my lower left side of my back.?0Nathan2012-10-07 02:22:17
Pain is a sudden stinging in my left lower back , right next to the spine . I have bad posture and I think this may have caused . The pain usually disappears within a few seconds , but may last half an hour at times. This is something unexpected , usually when I put in my stomach and when I get that. Any idea ? I have no health insurance yet, but I'll get that in the month .
What does it mean when I have a pain in my lower left side when I urinate?0lisa centeno2012-09-19 22:15:03
I have felt this sharp pain in my left side before, but it had gone away within a matter of a day. This time it has been there for almost 4 days. I don't have health insurance, or else I would have gone to the doctor's already, but if the general concensus is that it is serious I'll go.
Pain in my lower left side of my back?0Joe Joe2012-10-10 22:45:03
The pain is a sudden stabbing in my lower left side of the back, just to the side of the spine. I have bad posture and I think this may have caused it. The pain usually goes away in a few seconds but can last for about half an hour sometimes. It happens somewhat unexpectedly, usually when I am laying on my stomach and when I get up from that. Any ideas? I do not have health insurance now but I am going to get on tricare within the month. I am 19, and this has been going on since I have been about 15, but it seems to happen a lot more lately. My back and neck are always sore and the sharp pain in my back happens about once to twice a week.
I have been having tenderness and pain on the middle/lower right abdoman as well as pain when coughing sometim?0linny2012-08-10 04:22:02
this is scaring me and makes my mind to describe this as wonder.I tenderness in my right midesction a little lower than it hurts when you cough or sneeze some changes in bowel habits is not really a loss of appetite , it looks like food relieves the symptoms I am experiencing some swelling stomach.My aslo my doctor only problem now is acid Reflux Disease , which is only a slight case.I taking omeprazole for symptoms and seems to make matters worse, but that tenderness and swelling of the stomach and burning sensation in my abdoman looks like it may be something I've never had before.I am expierenced phylori about a year ago and treated with triple therapy with antibiotics, but some symptoms remained h pyhlori seems to have caused my severe GERD symptoms is just painful and confusing. Also expierence with a severe anxiety attack pain from time to time, but I learned to control my anxiety a little health insurance when he gave me several blood test done a echocardiagram fact , stomach / body ultrasound, urinalysis and all came back normal except for maybe 2, maybe 3, maybe 10 blood test over a year I was there elavated creatine , which fell back to normal for him, and a very slight rise in level Billy Rubin , who went on a test futher and 1 of my urine test 10 Docter found a protein that does not ever mention to me untill my next urine test that was not there on my side is hurting soo omg bad now
Severe pain on outer left side of left foot. What is it?0Alyah2012-10-16 22:45:04
A few weeks ago I slipped at work and have had severe pain in the foot , on the outside of the left foot . I went to the doctor because it was an accident at work , but the doctor said it was a sprained ankle . They did an x-ray and nothing was broken or fractured . He gave me a tablet and 800 mg of ibuprofen . My foot hurts with the splint only when I'm walking . I have no regular health insurance because it is not offered through my employer. It has not healed and I do not know what to do . Does anyone have any advice? Other than " go to a doctor " only serious answers , I have to return to play ball as soon as possible , I've been away for 2 weeks on doctor's orders . thanks
Lower back pain, what should I do.?0Frany2012-07-25 07:34:02
I have this space slight bulge or swelling in the lower left back that has been recurrent in recent years. The pain , the size of the package, or stiffness in the back is better or worse depending on the day . It is particularly worse after physical activity like swimming , weightlifting , basketball, etc. I am fairly active. I wondered what could be , and where I could go get it checked . I do not want to go to the emergency room , and I have no insurance.
Lower back pain......?0Ne Ne2012-07-17 15:57:02
For bout a week my lower back has been hurting really bad almost makes me cry. I don't have insurance to see a doctor. And the only medicine I have is advil pm and nyquil don't have money for any meds. But I can't take those cause I'm the only one who can care fir my 3 month son and those meds make me sleep along time. So is there anything I can do to help with the pain. And any thing that would causevi could advoid. I've always had a bad back I think cause I over weight but it never been this bad b4.
Left Hip Pain - What Could It Be?0Terionna2012-08-11 16:43:02
I was asleep in bed two nights ago when I turned around . It felt like a piece of cloth had boarded in the hip before I had this brilliant flash of pain that felt like someone had stabbed me . I searched the bed, and I for one puncture mark , but there was nothing. Since then , the pain was unbearable. It's a dull pain that is tolerable most of the time when I'm at rest or lying down. There is some mild pain when I'm walking more . However, when apply pressure directly to the area or rub in any way , I want to mourn from the heat of the fire I feel. The skin itself is insensitive - I can not physically feel my fingers in the area when the probe. The area itself is on my hip , but located more towards the back. If I had health insurance that just go to a doctor, but I do not. I guess what I 'm looking for is speculation on the causes, and if something serious , where I should go to the emergency room to be seen. I have 27 years - never had problems before. It was perfectly fine until he turned in my sleep. Any ideas would be appreciated . Thank you !
Lower back pain after wreck?0Cesar2012-07-05 04:21:07
It's been several months since I was in an accident. I was not in any pain until maybe a month ago and my lower back just above the buttock area . It is usually painful on the left side , but tend to hurt both the right and left . Usually , it hurts when I bend over to pick something up or if I'm sitting. Lately I've been lying on the floor and relieved the pain. Until I stand . I also had a baby 11 months ago to go for it does not help. I had no complications during pregnancy. I'm waiting for my insurance card to come and see a doctor , but I would be aware of possible problems.
What are the symptoms and causes for pain in lower right abdomen?1Riri2012-08-07 14:15:03
since 1 month i have been facing this problem, there is an sudden pain in my stomach at right side. usually it starts to pain after having my lunch or dinner. i tried to stop eating for a day and was on liquid items but then also i faced this problem. it is not constant but when it starts paining it brings the hell out of me. actually my insurance has also being washed out completely. so please can anyone tell me what the hell is wrong with me? proper consultation will be appreciated.

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