Who knows a company in Tulsa, OK that sells general liability insurance for a construction company? related questions

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Who knows a company in Tulsa, OK that sells general liability insurance for a construction company?0Wallis2012-08-23 08:40:03
Who knows of a company in Tulsa , OK sells insurance general liability for a construction company ?
How long is general contractor's general liability insurance valid for construction defects in Florida0Flora2012-03-06 19:23:46
How long is the general contractor's insurance General liability applies to construction defects in Florida
Construction General Liability Insurance?0randi jo2012-10-13 19:49:00
We are starting a new business in the construction industry . I was wondering if someone could give me a rough estimate of the amount of liability insurance would run for the year . It is an Ohio corporation , doing general carpentry / remodeling . I guess we would need at least $ 200,000 in insurance so we can start . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance !
Who sells commercial general liability insurance for a recording studio?0syuly2012-09-01 02:45:04
How can you get inexpensive general liability insurance for a new General Cont Company that is less than a year old2Kootoomootoo 2012-06-28 18:06:02
How can you get a general liability insurance affordable for a company new General Cont that is less than one year old
Construction work general liability?0Hobar2012-06-03 23:35:52
My boss has been taking responsibility for generating the top of my check. I am covered for $ 1,000,000. I have worked a total of 8 months last year for him and when I got my tax information are said to pay in $ 1950 for 8 months. This sounds like a type of super high and I wonder if I should have to investigate. He has been known for trying to rip people off and dime just before and I'm sure you could have bought the same amount of coverage of approximately 1/3 of that amount. Anyone agree with me that has looked at ? If so , what do you recommend I do ? Thanks , Tom
I am looking for General Liability insurance for a start up remodeling company.?2Isa2012-09-07 21:41:02
I will be the only employee. I have heard that I must have insurance and this is based on my payroll. If I pay a sub-contractor for work performed does he become my employee and am I liable for his actions on the job site? What does general liability insurance cover? What is a insurance audit?
Which insurance company is the best and most importantly cheapest for general liability?0DM2012-06-25 00:58:42
I am starting a cleaning business and residential and small commercial insurance is needed dishonesty.
What is the average cost of general liability insurance for a concierge company0Eden2012-01-16 18:38:46
What is the average cost of general liability insurance for a concierge company
How much would some general liability insurance cost for a start-up salsa company?0mark leonard2012-06-25 21:51:42
My wife and I are starting a small business selling sauce at the farmers market and hopefully some local grocery stores . We have no employees and sales will be well below $ 50K for our early years. How much cost of general liability insurance for this start-up ? We are in Lancaster County PA if the affairs of the area. Estimates are gladly accepted!
Where can you find general liability insurance for a non-profit dance company in NYC1short_lil_glam_gurl 2012-06-04 09:34:51
Where can I find a general liability insurance of a dance company nonprofit in New York
How much is a company required to deduct from paycheck on subs that do not have general liability insurance0Deirdre2012-03-27 20:41:16
How long it takes a company to deduct from the salary in submarines that do not have liability insurance

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