Finding a Christian Counselor Who Takes Insurance...HARD!?

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I have been suffering from various mental health problems such as anxiety and depression for over 20 years. Dominant traditional healers have been a great help to me, and now wants to try Christian counselor, psychologists and therapists, just ... because I think my problems may be of a spiritual nature, as none of the drugs are working and who have received therapy has been of limited value to me. I have really wanted to engage with a good Christian therapist. However, I have found a great recurring problem ... Everyone wants money, and lots of it. In my experience, the typical Christian counselor charges $ 75-90 per hour, and I have yet to find one that will take any of my insurance, which is coverage, parts and Medicaid. You see I am disabled with these conditions, and therefore a very limited income and can only afford a small co-payment, or, ideally, to have my therapy paid in full by my insurance. It is a very frustrating problem! I do not know where to turn. I think there must be some Christian counselors out there that have a lower fee based on their income, or some who have insurance. I live in upstate New York, about 90 miles south of Buffalo / Rochester, and I can not find any in my area, and believe me, I've tried. I want to try this method of treatment, because I really think it will help me, unlike traditional therapies that have been exposed. This therapy is quite easy to get covered by insurance, but I do not want to go that route anymore. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I could do to find therapists or counselors Christians in my area that might be of help to me. Is there a website that lists can, perhaps by state or region, or give information about them? If so, I have not found it yet. Sure, I could go to my pastor, and I did, but actually admits to not knowing much about the conditions of suffering. The only advice I can give "general". I need the help of a competent Christian counselor ... someone who has been trained and knowledgeable about mental health conditions and the Word of God, and able to combine the two into an effective therapy. I'm starting to lose hope. I simply can not afford the fees charged. I'm sure they're well worth it. It's just simply not my financial situation permits. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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