Does my friend needs commercial insurance for his unit in an enclosed mall / plaza? related questions

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Does my friend needs commercial insurance for his unit in an enclosed mall / plaza?0Baby D2012-08-21 18:58:02
Hello , my friend has a commercial unit ( approx. 750 square feet) . He leased to one party and the tenant is doing a business of education tutor. Does the owner of the unit requires a general liability insurance and / or property insurance if the building owner and the tenant has bought her own commercial insurance to cover any losses ? MedlinePlus Thanks for answering my question .
My friend bought a car on Thursday. It was stolen from a mall parking lot on Friday. What should she do?0Samir2012-09-25 00:25:02
The police were reluctant to let her record a report of stolen property , because she did not have the car registered in your name . All testing was in the car purchace . She bought the insurance before you drive it off the lot . What are your rights ? Is she responsible for the payments ? Is there any chance you can recoupe any of your payment?
Insurance plans to cover damage to Mall of America. If $70,000 is caused in damage, does the mall have insur?1Chillie2012-09-21 03:33:02
A family freind of mine who was 17 at the time and his 19 year old freind apparently resulted in a garden hose in the Mall of America , which flooded and caused $ 70,000 in damages, I do not see possible. However, the mall says it has no damage insurance in an amount so low to cover this so they want these 2 to pay for all this again .. not sure how teens can do this. Just wondering if this is true, so I can give some input ?
My friend used my commercial vehicle and hit it?1skd2012-09-06 21:15:02
I let my friend borrow my commercial vehicle that I use in a city car for transportation, the person hit was owed about $ 11,000. He took responsibility for the accident and wanted to claim on your insurance because you would have a bigger effect on my insurance because it was a commercial vehicle. Your insurance company refused to pay , and my insurance agency was notified after the action was and took it as their responsibility. So basically my insurance company ended up paying for the accident, which led later to cancel my policy with them and caused a chain reaction .
4 unit condo. One unit refuses to pay fees$50 a month. Portion goes to owners insurance.?1Kaelyn2012-10-14 16:45:03
How to charge without a lawyer ?
Trying to get home ins for 4 unit brick (no basement, no garage, simple 4 unit).. what am i missing?1Adair2012-07-12 00:45:02
Option 1 - 163K representative. cost 1% of the DED , $ 900 prem ( less any claims paid deduction representing the cost is only active if the house burns to ground). Option 2 - 450K representative. cost ( not less ) , 1K DED, $ 1700 prem other information ------------ assessed Val - 180K .. bal = 145K mortgage . Fire Department down the street , chances house burns to ground is 0% what am I missing?
Do insurance companies inCT allow you to have an enclosed trampoline in your yard?0u-can-take-the-boy-out-tha-hood-but-not- 2012-05-29 23:59:56
Is it safe INCT companies allow you to have included a trampoline in your garden?
How much will the renters insurance cost if the apartment is in the Plaza in Kansas City Missouri1Ann2011-12-27 22:28:51
How much will renters insurance if the apartment is on the Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri
Does homeowners insurance cover my enclosed trailer that burnt up in a fire on my premises?0Amelia2012-07-10 07:26:02
Our enclosed trailers that had all my husbands tools, lawn mower equipment, ATV, etc caught on fire early this morning. It is a total loss. Everything burnt. Will our homeowners policy cover the enclosed trailers? Cant reach my agent because weekend... Thank You
If a tiny plaza in a small town makes $3400 per month then how much is the business worth approximately?0Therisa2012-09-19 04:27:03
Taxes / Insurance = around $ 10,000 per year MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Monthly rent collected from tenants MedlinePlus = $ 3,400 Annual rent MedlinePlus = $ 40,800 MedlinePlus I know this is just a guess , but how much should be the owner asking ? I think $ 150,000 to $ 200,000 maximum. The reason I ask is because I am interested in the property , but the owner is not going to tell you how much you are asking ! Wants to meet in person to discuss the price ! This is a sign for me that 's probably asking a ridiculously high number . Anyone have an idea of what the building is worth ?
My brother's car got broken into while my mom and I were at the mall. Who's insurance?6â¿´ 'Sc!! Curcuma love you 2012-06-20 19:04:21
I just returned to the mall with my mom. Although his car was my brother , he has my mother, got broken into. The question of my father is going to stop at our insurance or ? My opinion is yours, because I was not driving at the time and he was sitting in a parking lot and his car was broke into . Any and all responses would be great! thanks
Car wreck in a mall parking lot. Do I have any rights?0gr82012-10-20 20:15:03
I doesn't seem like I do and I was the victim. This guy pulled out of a parking space without looking and t-boned us. He damaged our car where it is not even driveable. The ENTIRE wreck was captured on video,but mall security will not release the tape to my insurance company because they say that it is on private property. What is the puropose of having mall security and security camras when they absolutly don't do anything to help? How can I get this tape to the insurance company?

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