After the travel trailer was hit, Shoud I cash it or end it in a claim?

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April 6, 2010 my motorhome was beaten while parked on the street in my house , daughters of a driver of 19 years . Is assured. However, the car he was driving is registered to someone else. The man who allegedly hit my trailer test drive the car for sale. The insurance company seems to be stuck with a deal. Who have received repair estimates (7K ) and the total value ( 2.9K , 3.5K ). The insurance company has made a claim to an adjuster of a second. S check for 150.00 sent to the trailer , but the way the check is written ( "in the payment of loss" ) I'm afraid that if effective end to the claim. All I want is the 2.9K ( lower estimate on the trailer ). Should I get a lawyer and or call your state insurance commissioner ? How long should I wait before making a decision?
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Well , collect the check should not release his claim. This is a payment of a loss (the trailer bill ) is not a "final" payment or payment in full settlement. Talk to a lawyer is always advisable. This decision could take up to 30 days . This is because there is probably some kind of investigation with respect to coverage that covers loss (The owner of the vehicle or the person who was driving ). There are few things the insurance adjuster must make sure before committing to cover the loss. If payment is sent to you , it's probably because the insurance company believes it will cover. In any case, 30 days is the norm. They do not have to make a decision then, but must be put in writing the reasons for the delay. You can contact the insurance commissioner to see if they can help expedite the process.
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