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Can my birth control cause this? ?0Cecillia2012-09-22 19:39:02
I had a baby seven months ago n have been Mirena for about 5 months, even though I still use condoms it almost every time , because I'm trying to go back to school n another baby would make very hard . .. anyway, for the past two weeks I have felt horrible! My lower back and abdominal region hurts , my temperature has been constant 99.5-8 , my boobs hurt yr leak again , I have headaches and nausea but only at night , and I pee constantly . I also have daily bleeding from the Mirena , so I can not say that my period still is. I can not go to the Dominican Republic to secure our turns in our new state (45 days ) , but I am so worried that something is wrong n I wonder if anyone else has had this happen while Mirena
Birth control help please?0nanakofi2012-10-15 07:07:28
So I've been interested in learning more about birth control . I have 15 years of age. Soon to be 16. My main interest in the pill is not for sex . I've never had sex yet. but I just want to be on the pill in case. im not thinking of doing something like sex anytime soon , I just want to have it just in case and to help hormonal problems . I know that to get the pill you have to get it prescribed . I just want to know the steps to get the pill . Basically the process. go to the gynecologist or your family doctor ? basic questions like these . Also I do not feel very comfortable talking to my parents about it or making me so when I go to the doctor what type of personal information that are requested without my parents knowing. I also heard calling social security number , is there any way to find out without asking their parents ? What do doctors do to see what works best pill for you . I live in Ohio , and I have health insurance , but the pill buying presents , also what is the range of cost with and without insurance. ? MedlinePlus All responses are welcome ! thank you very much
Birth control?! Help!!!?0Cady2012-08-20 12:45:03
I'm 16 almost 17, i've been sexually active since I turned 16 almost a year ago and i've been looking into birth control. My parents have the general idea that I'm sexually active but its not really something they are willing to discuss, and recently iIve been looking into birth control but I know it's an option they would not be open to talking about. If they found birth control in my room for example they wouldn't mind, but it's not something they are going to help me obtain. Anyways I don't have health insurance and i've never gone to an obgyn or anything like that. I was looking on the planned parenthood website and it says that you might need to have an exam before they could prescribe you birth control and I was wondering what this exam would include. Would it include needles because I can't have blood drawn because I pass out. Also it says the appointment could cost anywhere from $35 to $250?! And then it says once I have the prescription birth control could be anywhere from $15 to $35 a month. It says that planned parenthood uses an income scale, but wouldn't that be based on my parents income, who are not going to willingly shell out money for my birth control. I don't work but I do get child support checks every month so once I get the prescription I could afford to pay for my own birth control. I guess to sum it up my main concerns are what this exam will consist of and how much that will cost, and not getting my parents involved. Thanks for the help! Its much appreciated. Oh but please keep any negative or judge mental comments to yourself. :)
Not sure which birth control I should take?0Egbert2012-07-15 03:20:02
The " pill" was not really working , I have a crazy schedule and it was difficult to find a good time every day or a place to store it , and I do not like purses and do not usually stay in the same house more than a couple days. I have inserted the nexplanon 3 months ago .. Great at first , no period of one month and a half , but now I had my period for over a month . I have only one accident and health insurance , so I'm not sure what they will cover , but if I continue with this period of constant do not think I'll keep the implant ! I fear that the vaccine works the same way and I do not want a patch or the ring .. You can only return to the pill, but even when I was taking the pill before I had great periods of 5 days. I may consider a pill with less periods, but I have no insurance and I kno these guys expensive
Best birth control...?1teg19012019-01-02 19:01:14
Hey , guys. I started on birth control 3 months ago , I was taking estrogen LoLo Fe and it was amazing ! I had absolutely no side effects , nothing changed and it was great ! But now, my samples from my doctor my insurance ran out and not pay for LoLo and is $ 95 a month , which I can not afford ! I have a recipe for Microestrogen or something and after I filled , I started researching them and the reviews and side effects are terrible ! Who refuse to take! My doctor will write me another prescription, but I have fear that it will do the same and give me another drug that I disagree with him, so I'd be able to suggest some things with it. LoLo had very low side effects and that there were not bad ! I would like something like LoLo ! If it makes any difference , I have 15 years and sexually active , they also have endometriosis , so I need a pill to help with that too.
Where and how much is birth control?0Sumaita2012-07-18 22:05:02
How much does birth control a month? And I have no health insurance, so you go to a clinic and I can get it free ?
How can I get on birth control?0 Ankara2012-07-14 22:14:01
Hello ! Im 21 and want to get the birth control unfortanitlly no money I'm a student I have little money now , because I have insurance or school ....... I messed about or is there some way you can get in BC plz and thank u
Am I using my birth control right?0Amilia2012-09-21 03:30:03
I just started taking birth control for almost two weeks now , and I'm not sure if I got good information . My doctor was very young and was the campus health center ( uninsured ) . My last period was July 26 , and she said I could start taking birth control at will. So I started on the 13th of August. She said that my period regular pack of birth control (ie , somehow my period would coincide with when I took my sugar pills so I gave the period after August 26 , that was when I was normally expected ). I had trouble understanding this, is this true ? and said after a week and a half to two weeks I have unprotected sex with my boyfriend and it should work . Is this true ? I just want to make sure I had the right information .
Im 15 almost 16 and I want to get on birth control , GP ? (uk)?0Pingo 2012-10-21 06:05:18
My boyfriend and I are almost two years together , and I really do not want to worry about because I do not want a baby until im older and can afford children .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I really wanted to go to birth control , no pill , injection , I do not want my parents to know about it , it's my choice and I really want to go look .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What documents are required to get birth control ? I can go alone ? ? My nationality is Italian , I have no insurance number yet. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
What would be the best birth control for me?1Kenya Ruiz2012-07-21 14:51:02
I was taking ortho tri cyclen lo but it made me depressed, so I switched to alese and it gave me chest pains so I stopped taking it. I recently started marvelon and I got really sick after starting it, I got what I was told was bronchitis and I was having a hard time breathing. A week after I went to the doctor I started feeling worse and I got sent to the hospital. They ran a bunch of tests on me and I got a CAT scan because I got a blood test and I was just over the limit for what they tested for blood clots in my lungs. So I got really freaked out and so did my boyfriend and my family. So I stopped taking it. I want to be on birth control because I am sexually active and I also get period cramps that make me really really sick. I don't know what to take though :( Any suggestions? And please let me know approx. cost with and without insurance. My insurance doesn't kick in for another two or three weeks and I want it ASAP.
Should I get birth control? 10 pts?0Algerno2012-09-24 10:14:02
So I turn 16 months ina few. My periods are irregular arrive every 1 ½ to 2 months sometimes every month. I had to come in the middle of thenight woke to heavy cramps and blood everywhere. My pain is so bad it feels like a knife is going through me. I have also f mine just before gym class literally started right after I entered the locker room whenn I had to run fast to the bathroom stall and grab my notebook I had in an emergency. I will end embarrassing and I never forget. My vagina hurts so on top of it. I will end my self in public bleeding I bleed through pads before luckily was not in public. My teacher does not allow interruptions during class bbathroom so only you can change every hours.eww 3. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I asked my mom about birth control for my situation I said no because I get cancer and unhealthy and sick when she took it. (Not at this time many methods have not said anything about giving birth control to cancer in health class. But I know that if taken over a long period of time you may have trouble getting pregnant while trying to having a baby or blood clots if u smoke. How I see it, is that states that you can get cancer by basically all the food we eat, we live evviroment MedlinePlus So I have no money, but I know you can get free birth control at Planned Parenthood but something feels wrong because we have insurance but can not cover it because it sucks (that may not even cover allergy shots I need) and if apply for free ****** sick to take control of people who do not haveinsurance. I'll have to lie and say I do not have insurance. Becuase. My mother will know. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So how I can get it for free? Do I just run there and go to the reception and would be heard as birth control? Should I fill out a form? Can I just ask for a form? After filling out the form below, what happens? I need a test? (I hate people touching me) I'm thinking of just going on the pill. Another reason also go on birth control is because it is myfriend pergnant and if I get a boyfriend (I really do not want to have sex 4 a while, but in case you do something stupid)
Insurance and birth control?2Edwii2012-05-27 19:05:15
My girlfriend goes to his doctor of birth control . His mother will be notified in any way? Birth Control is fully covered by insurance. Does the insurance company in some way to tell your mom to your account or something ?

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