Birth control?! Help!!!?

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I'm 16 almost 17, i've been sexually active since I turned 16 almost a year ago and i've been looking into birth control. My parents have the general idea that I'm sexually active but its not really something they are willing to discuss, and recently iIve been looking into birth control but I know it's an option they would not be open to talking about. If they found birth control in my room for example they wouldn't mind, but it's not something they are going to help me obtain. Anyways I don't have health insurance and i've never gone to an obgyn or anything like that. I was looking on the planned parenthood website and it says that you might need to have an exam before they could prescribe you birth control and I was wondering what this exam would include. Would it include needles because I can't have blood drawn because I pass out. Also it says the appointment could cost anywhere from $35 to $250?! And then it says once I have the prescription birth control could be anywhere from $15 to $35 a month. It says that planned parenthood uses an income scale, but wouldn't that be based on my parents income, who are not going to willingly shell out money for my birth control. I don't work but I do get child support checks every month so once I get the prescription I could afford to pay for my own birth control. I guess to sum it up my main concerns are what this exam will consist of and how much that will cost, and not getting my parents involved. Thanks for the help! Its much appreciated. Oh but please keep any negative or judge mental comments to yourself. :)

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